Twinsight- Interesting Facts About Twin Pregnancies

We recently had a pair of adorable fraternal twins born near and dear to the BabyPlus family.  They are not my babies, but it sparked an interest about the uniqueness of twins.  So I dd a little research and compiled some things that I found interesting about twin pregnancies.  There is a little more to it than double the pleasure, double the fun.

•during twin pregnancies you should take in approximately 2700 calories a daytwins3months

•you may be prescribed additional vitamins and minerals from an average pregnancy

•twins may have a longer labor, but they are usually born minutes apart

•1/3 of twins are identical, 1/3 are same sex fraternal and 1/3 are male/female fraternal

•you will probably have additional ultrasounds

•22% of twins are left handed

•more than 1/2 of twins are born before 37 weeks

•of identical twins 1/2 are female/female and 1/2 are male/male

Interesting Facts compliments of: Twin Pregnancy Facts by American Baby

Fit Pregnency, Pregnancy Day by Day editor in chief Maggie Blott, MB, BS and consultant editor Paula Amato MD

Twins UK- TwinsTips

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