Her First Moments

The first hour of your child’s life is a blur, yet the world also seems to completely stop in its tracks. I’ll never forget the first moments of my daughter’s life. I remember just being grateful to be done pushing, but also seeing Avalyn for the first time was unreal. I immediately looked and her and then looked at my husband. He was so proud and his eyes were filled with joyful tears. It was the best moment of my […] Read more »

She’s Here!

This post is long over due. 11 weeks to be exact. But, I took the last two months off of blogging so I could spend time with my wonderfully, perfectly made daughter! Her arrival was a huge surprise to us all and I’m excited to finally share her birth story with all of you. I had gone to my 36 week check-up on Thursday morning on September 4. They did an ultrasound to ensure she was not still breach like […] Read more »

What Can Help Education Today?

A recent Gallup Poll estimates 53% of Americans are dissatisfied with the quality of education their children receive. For the first time in history America’s younger generation is less well educated than their parents. Most parents are frustrated and often at a loss about how to truly help their children thrive and learn. Our lives are busier than ever before and there is little time for parents to focus on learning. The sad truth is only 69% of high school […] Read more »

Every Pregnancy Brings Cool New Gear!

It has been years now since my last baby was born and although I know that the “stuff” is not the important part of having a baby, I have to admit that each baby shower brings about a tinge of jealousy.  It seems that the cycle of new products on the market is just about 9 months.  So with 8 years behind me I decided to search out the 5 new gadgets that I would want if I were having […] Read more »

Doula W’s- Who, When, Why and What to Ask

Deciding to have a baby is the first step into a lifetime of decision making for your child.  Hopefully using BabyPlus was one of the first decisions you made to give your baby every advantage.  Moving forward parents then have numerous decision to make before the arrival of their child.  One of those decisions is who you want to be a part of your delivery experience.  One such choice is- Do you want to enlist in the services of a doula? Who […] Read more »

Why BabyPlus Needs You!

As we work tirelessly week after week to spread the word about why parents should choose to use BabyPlus we are reminded over and over that our best, most-effective marketing efforts are derived from parents who have used BabyPlus during their pregnancy and experienced the results first hand.  We can place online and print ads, launch SEO campaigns and attend Baby Expos worldwide, but those efforts can’t compare to hearing from a parents who has witnessed the birth of their […] Read more »

Lessons from Nine Months inside the Womb

When does learning begin? Some people say they remember their first day at a daycare center, or have flashes of moments as a baby. However, research on fetal origins suggest that a child do start to distinguish impressions, particularly sound, while still in the mothers’ womb. What can a fetus learn in a span of nine months while inside the womb? British physician David Baker hypothesized that mothers are already teaching their babies important lessons on survival during this critical […] Read more »

Are You Raising Creative Kids?

When we think of characteristics of creative people we often think of the idealized version of an artist or musician.  Although these can be examples of obvious creativity, it’s the characteristics of the highly creative that matter to the shaping of our lives over time. In 2012 Adobe conducted State of Create survey among a group of 5,000 adults.  Interestingly enough, Japan and the U.S. are the first- and second-most creative countries, respectively, among a global audience.  Around the globe, […] Read more »

Putting Babies To Sleep: Music And Mother’s Voice

Putting their babies to sleep is probably one of the toughest challenges mothers face throughout their lives. Often, this ordeal results to sleepless nights, lack of social life, and even feelings of fatigue, anxieties, or depression. Many mothers rely on self-help books and blogs for solutions to this and to get an idea how they should sleep train their babies, but what they may not know is that training can be done even before the child is born. Studies have […] Read more »

How much should we sleep?

In my household, with the start of the school year we begin adjusting to new schedules all over again. This year is particularly difficult because my daughters no longer attend the same school and the start times of their two buildings differ by 1 hour and 5 minutes.  We have the obvious issues of having to get to bed earlier for school and waking to an alarm in the morning, and our district is investigating is a bigger issue of […] Read more »

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