4 Tips for Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival

It has been not quite a decade since I gave birth the last time, but the impending arrival of Princess Kate’s second baby made me think back to when I was almost read to deliver. My four tips for an easy transition, I am sure still would hold true today. These are supposed to be the realistic list of things you might want to do before the big day. Not to be confused with the unrealistic list your hormones might […] Read more »

A Joyful Baby

It wasn’t until yesterday that I completely understood the impact that my daughter has on the world. She’s always been such a joyful, calm and alert baby right from the start, so I guess I’ve just grown accustom to it. Her joy radiates any room that she is in. And while we’ve always known that to be true and have always given thanks for that, yesterday was much different. I received a phone call from the director of our care […] Read more »

Now I Understand

I’ve always known people have used BabyPlus and have believed faithfully in this product. But, it wasn’t until I actually had one of my own that I could really understand how amazing it really is. Of course, I saw my fellow BabyPlus mammas and their little ones and the difference it made. I heard the rave reviews about how their children learned to walk, talk and read much earlier than other babies their age. But, then I had Avalyn and […] Read more »

Ahead of the Game

This little peanut is 7 months. For those that have followed along via social media and/or this blog, you’ve seen the progression from early pregnancy to birth to now 7 months old. All I can say is that she is hitting milestones earlier than we ever would have imagined. She started rolling at 3 1/2 months, holding her bottle at 5 months, sitting up at 6 months and she’s now on the verge of crawling. So, when people ask me […] Read more »

Encourage Your Baby to Move to a Rhythmical Beat

By Dorinne Davis   Have you ever thought about your body’s almost automatic response to move when you hear a specific kind of music?  Not all of us are the same so perhaps your preferred music to move to is Rock, or Country, or Rap, or even Classical.  Somewhere inside of you, your body’s desire to move to a beat triggers a response in your brain.  Your cells want to move too.   For the developing child, from in utero […] Read more »

Holding Her Bottle

Well, this little peanut just started doing something new a few weeks back. I work full-time, so she goes to an in-home daycare during the day. Her care taker is truly amazing. I have never seen anyone who just loves kids the way she does. She is truly fulfilling her calling in life. Anyway, she sends me texts and pictures throughout the day to keep me informed about what my little one is doing. So, the other day, I received […] Read more »

Well Traveled

This past Christmas, my husband and I decided to take our newborn (well, 3 month old) to Florida to see her grandparents for Christmas. The idea of being in a car with an infant for 17 hours made us nervous, but we wanted them to be able to spend the holidays with her so we gave it a try. Packing up the car to begin our journey was a bit hectic. I’d never packed so much to go on a […] Read more »


This happens often, but I never really thought about it before now. On a daily basis, I receive compliments from people when I am out and about. These compliments are not for me, but rather, for my sweet, sweet girl. People always tell me what a good baby she is. They just can’t believe how calm and alert she is at her age. I always say “thank you” then move on with my day with little thought as to why. […] Read more »


It’s time for #TBT (Throw Back Thursday)! I was preparing to hang some new pictures of Avalyn the other day, so I was searching through our photostream. That’s when I came across this picture and just couldn’t believe how much she had changed! I swear there are times when I put her down to bed at night and she wakes up looking like a completely different baby. It’s like she just grows leaps and bounds while she sleeps! This photo […] Read more »

I LOVE BABYPLUS- An acrostic Valentine’s poem

 I continue to be thankful that I used BabyPlus during my pregnancies.   Language acquisition for both of my daughters was extremely advanced. One push of a button was all the effort required to play each lesson. Volunteering in their classrooms allowed me to see their school readiness in action. Each girl is unique, yet amazing.   Bonding time I had with each baby was increased because I was using BabyPlus. Alert from birth and so focused from the start. […] Read more »

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