First Time parents

For all of you first time parents out there, you are naturally trying to give your baby the best head start possible. The first pregnancy within a family is a wonderful gift. The fact is that we do more today because we know more. I know that I grew up in a generation where we were not even buckled up, let a lone were put into a car seat.

We know that there is evidence of learning in the womb during the different stages through pregnancy. The prenatal months are such critical times in child development. So, “why not’ do everything you can to give your baby stimulation when it counts the most. Most women today take a prenatal vitamin to aid with the physical baby development after birth. They are not doing this to create a body builder. The idea of stimulating your child prenatally during the different stages through pregnancy is to help in fact encourage cognitive development, not to create a genius.

There is evidence that this early stimulation results in babies being more relaxed,alert,and having a greater ability to self soothe. Later in life, these children go on to hit pediatric milestones sooner, and become more school ready. The BabyPlus Company makes these claims specifically because they believe by playing their ‘prenatal curriculum’ for an hour twice a day helps in fact stimulate cognitive development. If you have a look at the independent testimonies on, The baby, babies r, as well as the testimonies on their web site, their appears to be a great deal of evidence in favor of the claims that are being made.

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