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I’m always keeping an ear out for blog ideas.  When it was snowing over the weekend, my son reminded me that no two snowflakes are alike.  I immediately went into “blog mode.”  I tried to think how I could use this idea for writing about prenatal curriculum, prenatal learning or fetal development during pregnancy.

Of course, no two pregnancies are alike and no two births or babies are alike.  This is true.  But what about focusing on what is alike?  A perfect example is your heartbeat.  This simple sound is consistent in other pregnant mothers and the main thing your baby hears throughout your pregnancy.  Sure, your baby hears voices, music and other things going on in the outside world but all in a somewhat muffled state.  Your heartbeat is heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and stimulates cognitive learning in the prenatal environment.  It makes sense to use another sound that is alike and additionally encourage learning during the critical stages of fetal development.

So even though there are numerous differences in pregnancies and babies, one can agree that the mother’s heartbeat is a constant across the board.  It is such a simple sound that can make such an impact on learning for a lifetime.

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