Sing a Lullaby to Your Baby While Still in the Womb

By Dorinne Davis   There have been numerous reported cases of children and even adults being very familiar with a song or lullaby that they say they never heard before, such as the musician whose mother practiced a song on an instrument during her pregnancy which she performed while still pregnant. It wasn’t something that she played much after that but her son many years later, when learning a ‘new song,’ kept saying “I know this song.” After mentioning it […] Read more »

An Easy Baby Thanks to BabyPlus

I feel bad even admitting this to most moms, but I truly do have the easiest baby in the world. And, I credit that to BabyPlus. Sure, my husband and I are both really laid back, but I don’t beleive I’d have such a good, calm, happy and alert baby without BabyPlus! She is currently 14 weeks old (I can’t believe how the time flies) and she’s been a breeze so far! Not only is she incredibly adorable, but she […] Read more »

A Great Sleeper

Now I know that I’ve commented on this a few times, but I really cannot say it enough…thanks to BabyPlus, I have the best sleeper. My husband and I are pretty laid back people (although I do have my moments), but our daughter is a better sleeper than we could have ever imagined. I used BabyPlus up until my due date. My daughter was 3 1/2 weeks early, so I was a little worried about not getting in the last […] Read more »

The Nursery

So, I have to post a few pictures because I am quite proud. I’ve never been a very good decorator, but I finally designed a room that is cute and show ready. Since I’m not super girly, I decided to go with neutral colors including gray, white and yellow. You’ll also see a few pops of pink in there. Take a look at my BabyPlus baby’s, Miss Avalyn’s, nursery! The prints above were a really cool gift from one of […] Read more »