First Photo Shoot

Okay, so there really isn’t much to share here except the cuteness of my child. Now I know every mom thinks their baby is the cutest thing in the world, and I’m no exception. I will say that I am already so proud of my little girl in so many ways. She brings such happiness to so many people and it’s incredible to see! Here’s a few pictures from her first photo shoot, I hope they make you smile too! […] Read more »

Her First Moments

The first hour of your child’s life is a blur, yet the world also seems to completely stop in its tracks. I’ll never forget the first moments of my daughter’s life. I remember just being grateful to be done pushing, but also seeing Avalyn for the first time was unreal. I immediately looked and her and then looked at my husband. He was so proud and his eyes were filled with joyful tears. It was the best moment of my […] Read more »

She’s Here!

This post is long over due. 11 weeks to be exact. But, I took the last two months off of blogging so I could spend time with my wonderfully, perfectly made daughter! Her arrival was a huge surprise to us all and I’m excited to finally share her birth story with all of you. I had gone to my 36 week check-up on Thursday morning on September 4. They did an ultrasound to ensure she was not still breach like […] Read more »

What Can Help Education Today?

A recent Gallup Poll estimates 53% of Americans are dissatisfied with the quality of education their children receive. For the first time in history America’s younger generation is less well educated than their parents. Most parents are frustrated and often at a loss about how to truly help their children thrive and learn. Our lives are busier than ever before and there is little time for parents to focus on learning. The sad truth is only 69% of high school […] Read more »

Every Pregnancy Brings Cool New Gear!

It has been years now since my last baby was born and although I know that the “stuff” is not the important part of having a baby, I have to admit that each baby shower brings about a tinge of jealousy.  It seems that the cycle of new products on the market is just about 9 months.  So with 8 years behind me I decided to search out the 5 new gadgets that I would want if I were having […] Read more »