How much should we sleep?

In my household, with the start of the school year we begin adjusting to new schedules all over again. This year is particularly difficult because my daughters no longer attend the same school and the start times of their two buildings differ by 1 hour and 5 minutes.  We have the obvious issues of having to get to bed earlier for school and waking to an alarm in the morning, and our district is investigating is a bigger issue of […] Read more »

Why Take a Breastfeeding Class

My husband and I recently took a breastfeeding class and I must say that it was extremely helpful. I’ve known so many moms who have tried to jump right in without really knowing much about the process. While this works for some, I’ve seen it prove difficult for others. I’m delivering at Community North in Indianapolis and they have great classes and options for parents-to-be. So, we decided to take the class to see what we could learn and we […] Read more »

How to Make A Diaper Cake

I recently hosted a diaper shower for a friend. While I had never done this, I’ve had other friends host these types of parties and they are such a hit. Second and third time moms tend to love them because they don’t really need more stuff. Rather, they need the essentials like diapers and wipes. So, how do you make a diaper cake? It’s a lot easier than I would have thought. I’ve posted my picture (to the right) and […] Read more »

Finished Lesson #9

The picture on the right shows me finishing up lesson #9! I’ve already started on lesson #10 and seem to breezing through that one too. It is just amazing to know how fast time is going by. I have around 2 months left and it seems like she will be here before we know it. Many of my friends have seen me using BabyPlus and have asked what it is and why I’m using. I let them know that BabyPlus […] Read more »