Happy Thanksgiving


BabyPlus would like to wish all of our families a very special and happy Thanksgiving. We are looking for stories from BabyPlus users who can share a few reasons they are thankful for our prenatal learning system. Would you be willing to help? If so: Reply to this post Leave a comment on our Facebook page Tweet us at @BabyPlusUSA Post an Instagram photo Or use the hashtag #BabyPlus on any social media We look forward to hearing from our […] Read more »

Count the Blessings: Part 2


In our first installment of “Count the Blessings,” we discussed how BabyPlus helps your little one in the womb and at infancy. In this post, we’ll discuss how this wonderful product helps your children a few years down the road. Of course, BabyPlus helps babies sleep and better nurse, but did you also know that later in life these babies demonstrate: Earlier developmental milestones Enhanced intellectual abilities Longer attention spans Improved school readiness Greater creativity & independence To learn more […] Read more »

Count the Blessings: Part 1


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know that our BabyPlus babies and parents have many things to be thankful for. At birth and infancy, BabyPlus parents report that their little ones: More readily nurse Display an increased ability to self-soothe Are more interactive and responsive Are more relaxed and alert at birth These are just four of the many reasons to be thankful for BabyPlus! Give it a try and begin counting your blessings! Learn more about BabyPlus and […] Read more »

Pregnancy Tips that you won’t Google

You may have heard that some of the most popular internet searches are about pregnancy.  I know I have contributed to the growing number of searches myself. When I had morning sickness, hearing others’ stories made it more bearable.  When I feared I sometimes gained too much or too little, I wanted to hear that others were just like me. While I am grateful that I could rely on virtual nurses, pregnancy experts, and expectant mothers, I will probably most […] Read more »

When Your Batteries Corrode!!!


Your BabyPlus system isn’t functioning properly.  You open it up and find you accidently left your batteries inside your system and find some crystallization and a mess from corroded batteries.  Now what do you do? Recently we have done some research here at The BabyPlus Company due to some customer calls regarding battery leakage that damaged their BabyPlus Unit.  And we have uncovered some very helpful information. Some major battery companies warranty their batteries against leakage and will repair or […] Read more »

Picking Your OBGYN


Picking your OBGYN during pregnancy might be one of the more difficult tasks you’ll face. What if you don’t like your doctor? What if they are gone when you deliver? What if they are a teaching hospital? All of these, are questions you’ll want to consider. For now, here are some helpful tips to picking your OBGYN: Your health history. If you have a chronic illness or previous complications, you’ll want to be sure to pick a doctor who is […] Read more »

Summer vs Winter Pregnancy


There is much debate (ok, not really) about which season women prefer to be pregnant in? Some say summer, while others would choose winter. We’ve compiled a list of the pro’s and con’s for each to let you decide! Summer Pros: Don’t have to worry about packing extra clothes for the hospital Summer clothes are cheaper Outdoor exercise Fresh fruits and veggies are abundant The sun cheers you up     Winter Pros: Avoiding the pregnancy glow (which is usually […] Read more »