Fall Foods to Enjoy


In our last blog, Fall Foods to Avoid, we told you about a few foods that you might want to avoid when expecting. This blog is all about the yummy foods you should be enjoying during pregnancy: Avocados, Red Pepper & Carrots – These delicious veggies are packed with Vitamins A and C. Perfect for your baby’s health. Lentils – Beans provide folic acid, protein, vitamin B, and iron. These are great in soups too! Mangos – mangoes contain more vitamins A […] Read more »

Fall Foods To Avoid


It’s that time of year, when you want to snuggle by the fire, read a book and, of course, indulge in some of your fall and holiday favorites. If you are expecting, there are a few foods you might want to try to avoid: Unpasteurized Cheeses – While they are delicious in and on just about everything, they might not be the best for baby. Hot Dogs – Bonfire season is upon us, but you may want to skip over […] Read more »

Why is my BabyPlus clicking?


Clicking sounds or a “b” on your screen means you have an issue with the batteries. Make sure you are using brand name batteries (we found Duracell works best) and remove them for about an hour or two.  We definitely do not recommend rechargeable batteries since the components are not compatible. Let us know if you need further assistance by contacting us at customerservice@babyplus.com and tell us when and where you purchased your system. Related posts: BabyPlus Help! Batteries, An […] Read more »

5 Tips to Getting the Most from Your Child’s School

With the coming of fall comes the time for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Whether your child is entering preschool or has already established himself/herself as a student, you will be asked to meet with their teachers to discuss progress and areas for improvement.  As a former teacher and a current parent I thought I would pass along some tips to make your school year as productive as it can be. 1.  Remember that this is a partnership.  If you set forth from […] Read more »

BabyPlus – Nutrition for your Baby’s Mind


Albert Einstein said, “All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.” I couldn’t agree more! I find myself so frequently thinking of and addressing the IMPACT of the prenatal environment on a baby’s development during the nine months (266 days to be exact!) of a mother’s pregnancy.  It is the mother, then, that must understand the importance of her choices….and ideally make healthy choices that optimize her baby’s development. When it comes […] Read more »

BabyPlus recommends a yummy fall treat – Taffy Apple Pizza


We recently celebrated an in-office birthday, and I must give a thumbs up to the “cake” we had – thanks, Robin!  This would be a fun way to finish the day after visiting an apple orchard – the perfect fall goodie that’s super easy to make with your little ones. Be sure to send us pictures of your creation! I copied the recipe from the Pampered Chef website. Taffy Apple Pizza Ingredients: 1 package (18 ounces) refrigerated sugar cookie dough […] Read more »

Shannon Miller’s daughter, Sterling, loves to sleep thanks to BabyPlus!

Many moms rave about how BabyPlus has contributed to their little one’s great sleep habits.  So, we asked Olympic gymnast and new mom, Shannon Miller, about her daughter, Sterling’s, sleeping habits and here is what she had to say… “I am sooo excited! I am actually getting pretty good sleep. Sterling has been sleeping through the night regularly for a few weeks now from 10:30pm to 7:30am when I wake her up! She goes to bed at 7:30pm gets a […] Read more »