Halloween…A Little Early


We realize that Halloween is over a month away, but we couldn’t resist sharing our favorite costumes with our readers. Plus, you should get your costumes early before they sell out. See our Top 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes List: Pink Elephant Baby Dinky Dragon Precious Poodle Lil’ Batty Bat Baby Blossom What a Hoot Owl Little Lion Precious Peacock Garden Gnome Lil’ Lobster BabyPlus wants to know: What is the most favorite costume you’re little one has ever worn? Have […] Read more »

BabyPlus babies love to sleep!


A big concern for any new parent is not only getting their little one to sleep, but to get more sleep for themselves.  I heard it all when my boys were babies – sleep when they sleep, let them cry it out, keep them awake to make them sleepy, and on and on.  I was overwhelmed, confused and definitely tired! One of the main raves we hear from our BabyPlus parents is how their little one quickly establishes a sleep […] Read more »

Awareness Month!

1 in 300 newborns have a condition detectable through newborn screening.  Most babies with serious but treatable conditions caught by newborn screening grow up healthy with expected development.  Being educated about what tests are available can give parents the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions regarding their child’s healthcare.  The benefits of being educated and informed can have long term benefits not only for parents and children but society in general.  A recent Harvard University study indicates informed patients have […] Read more »

How many days do I use my BabyPlus lessons? We can help!


Would you like to easily determine the number of days to use your BabyPlus lessons?  You can!  Just go to our interactive lesson calendar, choose how many weeks along you are in your pregnancy and receive a detailed timetable created just for you. While you are there, you can also download and print a blank lesson calendar to write down your little one’s reactions or make other notes. Related posts: Custom Lesson Tracking Calendar Babyplus–How Many Days Do I Use […] Read more »

Fall Pregnancy Tips


It’s that time of year again. Time for warm apple cider and light jackets. It’s also the time of year when you might be wondering how you’ll make it through those last few months, weeks or days of pregnancy. We’ve prepared a few fall survival guide tips for you: Be prepared. Always carry a fleece, cardigan and/or lightweight jacket in case the weather gets crisp. Eat well. Take advantage of the season’s plethora of apples (which pack a fiber punch) […] Read more »

Eating Well During Pregnancy


With the fall comes cooler temperatures, more indoor activities, holidays and, of course, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is important to eat right when you’re pregnant. Some of the best foods can be found during the fall months. See our list below for your guide to eating well: Apples Oranges Grapes Pomegranates Broccoli Brussel Sprouts Cauliflower Spinach Cranberries Potatoes Sweet Potatoes/Yams Leeks Learn more about nutrition and autumn pregnancy on our blogs. We also want to hear from you. […] Read more »

Oh no! Why is there a “b” on my BabyPlus screen?


If you see a “b” on your screen, it is an indication of a battery issue.  (Other indicators are a clicking sound or resetting of the lessons to Lesson 1.) First, remove the batteries for at least an hour and insert a new set of high-quality, brand name batteries such as Duracell or Energize, not store-brand.  Also, do not use rechargeable batteries, as the internal components are not compatible. If these suggestions do not work, please contact us at customerservice@babyplus.com […] Read more »

Great testimony from a BabyPlus mom of triplets!


One of our moms wrote in with a great testimony about her triplets. “They were born at 29weeks, 4days but I was religious about doing “school” (BabyPlus) with them every day until I delivered  🙂 I am a walking advertisement for this company & honestly feel it gave my preemies such an advantage from the beginning, despite having to overcome so many obstacles from the get go!  They have always been developmentally, physically, emotionally, cognitively, etc above average for their actually […] Read more »

BabyPlus in Action

On my day off I helped out a friend in her classroom and although I wasn’t working at BabyPlus yesterday, it was on my mind constantly.  Starting with drop-off I was greeted by a mom who was a BabyPlus user 5 years ago when our older children were in preschool together.  Now, 5 years later she was dropping off an eager 5 year old for a day of learning. The mom commented on how different her youngest was both socially […] Read more »