Great testimony about two BabyPlus brothers


Two BabyPlus brothers… I can just picture the smiles at the end of this. “Samuel is such an amazing kiddo.  He is 3 years old and loves music.  He plays the drums and is a pro at air guitar whenever the radio plays a song he likes 🙂 Sam knows his abc’s, can count to 15 and identifies shapes and colors in both English and Spanish. Benjamin is 2 months (9weeks) and he is so alert.  He has captivating eyes, […] Read more »

No time for BabyPlus? Try this…

I know that in today’s busy world, it is difficult for each of us to squeeze one more goal into a hectic day.  This is especially true for an expectant mom!  During her pregnancy, she needs to remember to rest when she’s tired, make conscientious decisions when choosing what to eat and drink, see her health care provider routinely, buy ever-expanding clothes that better fit her growing belly, get the baby’s  nursery prepared, research the appropriate infant equipment… and so […] Read more »

Reading to Your Baby

I imagine that we all want to give our children every advantage in the world.  The best schools, technology and experiences are not always attainable, but some advantages are easier to provide than others and much less costly!  Reading to your baby is one of the easiest and most cost effective foundations that you can provide after their basic needs are met.  Shockingly, many children in the world are not being afforded this opportunity. It is likely that reading to your baby does […] Read more »

BabyPlus’ Five Simple Tips for a Mom-To-Be

Health for the Mom-to-be: Five Simple Tips By Dr. Liz Moore, Pediatrician Eat Properly. While this sounds obvious, there is abundant information now available that directly links a mother’s prenatal nutritional health to a baby’s long-term brain, neural tube, and motor development, among so many others. “We have long known and understood the benefits of earliest nutritional enrichment, such as a prenatal vitamin, on long-term physical development.  Just one B vitamin, folic acid, when in adequate reserves in an expectant […] Read more »

Another great testimony from a proud BabyPlus parent!


“Gia is also VERY smart, which we attribute to BabyPlus and hopefully some decent genetics… haha! She slept through the night nearly from birth; my husband and I never had that “lack of sleep” that other parents experience. Gia was home schooled the last 2 years because she was way ahead in first grade. This year we moved to a different area and she is starting at a public school. We’d heard the school was offering a new AP (Advanced Placement) […] Read more »

Shhhh….. It’s a BabyPlus surprise!

We are putting together a fun surprise and need your help! Send us your BabyPlus pictures – a day old, a month old or 20 years old – it doesn’t matter!  We love to hear from our parents and would love to see pictures of your little or not-so-little ones! (By the way, all pictures will remain anonymous.) Related posts: “Your product is great.” Joyful Time No Strings Attached Read more »

BabyPlus – Nutrition For Your Baby’s Mind


The first 1,000 days of a baby’s life are most important for his brain development, physical growth and even immunity.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these first 1,000 days start from the day you conceive until your baby is two years old.  For the most part, your baby will be dependent on you to provide nutrition and an enriched, stimulating environment. Approximately 70% of a baby’s brain growth actually occurs during pregnancy!  It’s important for expectant moms to […] Read more »

Pregnancy = More Rules than My Childhood.

Sunday’s issue of the Wall Street Journal featured an article titled “Take Back Your Pregnancy” by Emily Oster.”  It was a lengthy look into the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy- or more specifically the don’ts, and boy, there are a lot.  It took me back to the mindset of  those pregnant months of trying to follow ALL of the rules. With my first pregnancy I followed every directive I read from what to eat and what not to eat, how to […] Read more »

We’re on Instagram

Thursday, August 8, 2013 by BabyPlus- Guest Blog You might already be following us on Facebook or Twitter, but did you know that we are also on Instagram? To make it easy, you can visit us at any of these sites using @BabyPlusUSA. We have a few pictures to get us started, but we’re looking for more. This is where you come in! We would love to have our BabyPlus mommas post pictures of your little ones and/or photos of […] Read more »

We’re on Instagram

You might already be following us on Facebook or Twitter, but did you know that we are also on Instagram? To make it easy, you can visit us at any of these sites using @BabyPlusUSA. We have a few pictures to get us started, but we’re looking for more. This is where you come in! We would love to have our BabyPlus mommas post pictures of your little ones and/or photos of you actually using the system. It’s simple: Take a picture using your smartphone. Upload […] Read more »

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