BabyPlus spokesmom, Shannon Miller, welcomes baby girl!

The BabyPlus Company wishes to congratulate our spokesmom, Shannon Miller, on her new baby girl, Sterling Diane! We are excited for her and her family and wish them happiness and joy! Read about it at People Magazine  or go to her Facebook page to wish the new family well. Related posts: Check Out Shannon Miller Lifestyle on Facebook! Shannon Miller’s daughter, Sterling, loves to sleep thanks to BabyPlus! One of Top Five Must-Have Baby Products for Shannon Miller! Read more »

BabyPlus – Pathway to Happiness


The Harvard Business Review management tip of the day today is about creating a happy team.  The article mentions what psychologists have identified as the three pathways to happiness: pleasure, engagement, and meaning.  All three of these things are actively encouraged and valued in our growing organization. Our company, The BabyPlus Company, has team members in 32 countries throughout the world.  The common thread for everyone involved is truly that they feel a part of something that matters.  Our core product, The […] Read more »

BabyPlus Usage Information


Ideally, you may begin using the system anytime between weeks 18 and 32 of pregnancy. Mothers who have started using the system as late as 34 weeks of pregnancy have reported many positive benefits. You can see many of our testimonies on! If you just received your BabyPlus in the main and are wondering when you can start using it, we’ve included the chart below as a guide to help you determine your start date and the corresponding schedule of […] Read more »

A Father’s Day Gift We Know He’ll Love

Did you know that Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in over fifty countries, including the United States? The time of year actually varies in other countries around the world, but still, many countries celebrate this wonderful day. Here are some other fun Father’s Day facts for you: The first Father’s Day happened on June 17, 1910. The observance became an official national holiday in 1972. Americans spend over $1 billion annually on Father’s Day presents. […] Read more »

5 Words to Describe BabyPlus

We asked the moms and dads on our BabyPlus Facebook page to answer the following question: What 5 words would you use to describe your BabyPlus babies/kids? Here are just a few of the answers we received: “Smart, friendly, outgoing, trouble maker…I can keep going…” – Irma  “Calm, advanced, outgoing, happy” – Stephanie  “Intelligent. talker. reader. social. musical.” -Holly  “Content. Happy. Smart. Athletic. Thinker.” -Megan If you haven’t heard of BabyPlus, we invite you to take a look at our website and learn about […] Read more »

Kim Kardashian is Having a…

You have a 50/50 shot at getting this right… Kim Kardashian is having a girl! BabyPlus wants to extend a big congratulations to Kim. We hope that she is using BabyPlus during her pregnancy. Why? Because BabyPlus can help in so many ways. Not only do BabyPlus babies more readily nurse, have increased ability to self-sooth, are more interactive and responsive, and are more relaxed and alert at birth, but they also demonstrate improved school readiness and intellectual abilities, greater […] Read more »