Positives for BabyPlus

Every single day, we recieve positive feedback from BabyPlus users all over the world. We have moms and dads in dozens and dozens of countries who absolutely love the results they’ve seen from BabyPlus. Don’t believe us? See for yourself on Facebook. If you don’t have time to jump over to our Facebook page, here are a few comments to get you started! We have 4 children and used babies plus with 3 of the 4. Guess which one was colicky! -Jill […] Read more »

What does Shannon Miller think of BabyPlus? Just ask her about her son, Rocco!

We hear from BabyPlus families from all over the world about the benefits they see in their little ones.  Olympic Medalist, Shannon Miller, saw the benefits in her 3-1/2 year-old son, Rocco, and is using it again with her daughter who is due in June. Click here to read her blog at Shannon Miller Lifestyle. And check out BabyPlus.com for more information on how BabyPlus can also benefit your little one during pregnancy! Related posts: Check Out Shannon Miller Lifestyle on Facebook! Shannon Miller has updated us […] Read more »

Is BabyPlus Safe?


We get the questions from people: Is BabyPlus safe? Yes it is. There is no question that this is an entirely new field of education, but prenatal stimulation has been around for thousands of years. BabyPlus represents the evolution of enrichment in the womb to a technique that has incredible advantages for the child. Below is a chart of decibel levels and every day sounds associated with them. You will see that BabyPlus is very low on the scale. Decibel (dB) Ratings and Hazardous […] Read more »

Shannon Miller is using BabyPlus again with her daughter!

Olympic gymnast, Shannon Miller, used BabyPlus for her 3-1/2 year-old-son, Rocco and is now using it again with her daughter.  We asked Shannon what he thought of her using BabyPlus and got a really cute answer.  Check it out! “Rocco has been really interested in the “noise on my belly.” It almost seemed to soothe him. He even asked if I wore it when he was in my belly! For me and my husband, we just feel good about using BabyPlus.  I […] Read more »