Thank You is Not Enough

We have so many wonderful parents in the BabyPlus family and hope that you get a chance to know them one day. Today, we are featuring one of our moms, Dawn, and one of our dads, Joe. These parents have left wonderful comments on our Facebook page that we would like to share with you! “At my daughter’s school that celebrated the Italian Camvale, my Babyplus 4 year old created her entire mask, including mixing colors to get this shade, glued, etc […] Read more »

Springtime Pregnancy Tips

Did you recently find out your are pregnant or are you nearing the end of your third trimester? Either way, BabyPlus wants to extend a great big congratulations to you! We are excited for you and want to share a few tips to make your pregnancy more enjoyable! Control your allergies. This can be a hard thing to do when the flowers start blooming and pollen seems to be hailing down on you. There are a few allergy medicines which are safe to […] Read more »

Send Us Your Ideas

BabyPlus is centered around our families. From past families to those who are currently expecting little ones, we appreciate all the feedback we receive from our users. We are asking for you to send us your ideas! A few things we would love to know include: What have your results been from using BabyPlus? What do you wish BabyPlus was doing better? What do you like that BabyPlus is currently doing? What would you like us to add or continue doing […] Read more »