We Hope These Celebs Are Using BabyPlus

It seems like 2013 is proving to be a baby filled year for many of the most famous celebs. Popular faces such as Kim Kardashian, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Kristen Bell, Jessica Simpson, and Kate Middleton are all due in 2013! What these stars may not know are the many benefits that BabyPlus can provide their little one. For example, BabyPlus babies: More readily nurse Display an increased ability to self-soothe Are more interactive & responsive Are more relaxed & alert at birth Reach developmental milestones earlier […] Read more »

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Are you on Facebook, but haven’t connected with us yet? There is no better time than to start engaging with BabyPlus on social media. Facebook isn’t the only place you can follow us though. See us on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram too! By friending and following these pages, you will have access to BabyPlus like never before. You will see cute photos and videos of BabyPlus babies all over the world. You will also get the unscripted story from parents who use BabyPlus! You will […] Read more »

Even Niki Taylor Used BabyPlus…What Are You Waiting For?


BabyPlus has not only graced dozens of magazines including Pregnancy and Baby Magazine, but some of the most famous celebs have even tried BabyPlus. What’s more impressive than that? They loved it because it works! Below is a video of Niki Taylor on The Doctors when she was pregnant with her daughter. Niki goes on to give BabyPlus a smashing review, see for yourself… So why use BabyPlus? During the prenatal period, the brain is at its most receptive stage of learning. […] Read more »