“Her contented soul is down to BabyPlus”

or, another title I considered for this blog – “Why working at BabyPlus is so amazing” Here is the comment we received that makes this not a job but a wonderful way to spend my day: “I discovered BabyPlus over the Internet, a product I stumbled across, not one that someone had recommended to me.  Well, after reading the testimonials, I decided to give it a try. Why not? A small price for what seemed to give such wonderful results. I now have an incredible 8 month old […] Read more »

Should I Use BabyPlus?

Yes, you might be asking yourself this question. Should I use BabyPlus? Our answer, “Of course”! BabyPlus gives babies many unique benefits not seen with other prenatal “systems”. For instance: BabyPlus parents report babies at birth and infancy: More readily nurse Display an increased ability to self-soothe Are more interactive & responsive Are more relaxed & alert at birth And later in life demonstrate: Earlier developmental milestones Enhanced intellectual abilities Longer attention spans Improved school readiness Greater creativity & independence So, […] Read more »

Authorized Retailers

With the holidays just around the corner, we can think of no better gift than a BabyPlus Prenatal Education System! The icing on the cake is that we not only sell BabyPlus in stores such as Target and Babies”R”Us, but we also sell the system online. We encourage all of our mommies and daddies to purchase from one of our authorized retailers such as Amazon.com or Diapers.com. This will ensure that you receive a unit without defects. Plus, you will also be able to start using […] Read more »

BabyPlus – International Edition

We’ve received the question from many of you wondering whether or not we have international retailers. Good news, we do! Not only do we sell BabyPlus on many online stores such as Amazon.com, Target.com and BabiesRUs.com (among others), we also sell the prenatal education system in a host of other international stores. For a complete list of international retailers, visit our website and select your country. Still have questions about BabyPlus? Feel free to contact us via email, chat, Facebook and more!   Related posts: Where In The World Can I […] Read more »

Congratulations to Beautiful Happy Baby in China!

Congratulations to our distributor in China, Beautiful Happy Baby!  GuangDong Light Industrial Association, Mommy & Baby Products Association of Guangdong, et al. has voted The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System as The Customers’ Most Interesting Brand. You may visit Beautiful Happy Baby’s website at http://www.babypluscn.com/. Related posts: Happy Birthday, Baby Avery! Favorite Books for My Smart and Happy BabyPlus Baby Happy Month old BabyPlus Baby Girl! Read more »

BabyPlus – our Thanksgiving thoughts…

At BabyPlus, we are have many, many reasons to be thankful.  We are thankful for… All the parents who were the “early adopters” of the idea of prenatal learning – now no longer an idea, but scientifically proven! All the parents who first purchased BabyPlus – your beautiful children are the foundation of our mission of education. All the parents who send us emails and testimonials about the BabyPlus System and how our curriculum benefited your children during their critical period in prenatal […] Read more »

BabyPlus at whattoexpect.com


Once again “our” moms are talking about BabyPlus online… and they are awesome! 🙂 “My baby kicks tons when I use it.  I always call this time our “time together!”  I used BabyPlus with my first daughter Taylor who is now 4 years old. I am in my 34 week with our 2nd daughter and using it again.   I saw SO many wonderful benefits of using BabyPlus that I would recommend you keep on “bopping” away!  All those testimonials you […] Read more »

zzzzzz I hope my baby is a great sleeper zzzzzz

All parents hope for a baby who is a great sleeper.  As a new parent, a good night’s sleep can be hard to achieve.  However, your baby could be sleeping longer periods once born just by using this simple set of sounds during the prenatal period. Most expectant parents prepare for the basics of caring for a new baby, but did you know that a better sleeping baby is one of the tangible benefits of using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System? You may […] Read more »

Has anyone used BabyPlus?….

We find that “our” parents who have used BabyPlus are the ones who are best able to respond to these online inquiries! Here are just a few we saw recently: “I used this religiously while pregnant.  I read reviews and know a couple people who have used BabyPlus.  I only heard positive things, so I figured it can’t hurt.  My daughter is the calmest, easiest baby ever!  She has held her head up and been very alert since birth.  She is not a […] Read more »

Congratulations to BabyPlus!

Congratulations to BabyPlus! The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System has been selected to receive The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval! TNPC’s product division is run by INDEPENDENT testers including parents, educators and panelists of TNPC. Woo-hoo to BabyPlus!!! Related posts: Tiffani Thiessen – congratulations on your pregnancy! Congratulations to @joyababy — Winner of a BabyPlus! Congratulations to Beautiful Happy Baby in China! Read more »

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