BabyPlus Parents Rave

BabyPlus parents all over the world rave about the effects that BabyPlus has had on their child (or in many cases, children). So what is it that makes BabyPlus so special? Could it be that it is proven to help children reach milestones sooner or that BabyPlus babies are easier to soothe? Maybe it’s that BabyPlus babies have also been shown to sleep through the night sooner. Well, whatever the reason, we know that parents love it. Here’s a wonderful story […] Read more »

BabyPlus twins – amazing words – a must read!

“My wife was around 12 weeks pregnant and went to a local salon for her monthly manicure and pedicure, and was talking to the technician about how she was pregnant with twins.  The first thing the technician told my wife was that we needed to get BabyPlus.  She said that she had used it with her son who was now two at the time and that he knew up to 100 words and just overall seemed to be a more advanced […] Read more »

Just a few things I have heard recently….

and I just HAVE to share  “I used BabyPlus while preggo with Mr. Jack…and I highly recommend it to mamas-to-be! Especially if you want to get some sleep – Jacks’ been sleeping through the night since about 8 weeks old!” Yes, self-soothing and good sleep habits are definitely benefits of using BabyPlus! “I used BabyPlus while pregnant with my now 5 month old. He is awesome!! 🙂 I know every parent thinks that, but I do attribute his calm demeanor & great nursing […] Read more »

How can I have a calm baby?

Having a calm baby is important to expectant parents.  Whether this is a first pregnancy for first time parents or not, many parents are looking ahead and wondering – will my baby be calm? Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during your pregnancy will provide many tangible benefits to your baby, and to you!  For example, many parents who have used BabyPlus during their pregnancy report that their babies arecalm, alert, self-soothe and sleep well. Make BabyPlus part of your prenatal care curriculum and the chances are very good that you will […] Read more »

Born learning – already!

All parents know that learning begins before your child goes to school.  Learning actually begins in the womb.  Everyone knows that baby development after birth is important.  However, the research now confirms that the critical period in prenatal development – especially early brain development – is impacted week by week during pregnancy.  Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System – a simple set of sounds similar to the mother’s heartbeat – helps during the stages of prenatal development. Don’t wait to begin teaching your baby after […] Read more »