“I’m pregnant and using BabyPlus again!”

How can that possibly work? That is something we hear often from those who are unfamiliar with our product. However, one skeptic put that to rest when she tried BabyPlus with her first born. She actually loved it so much that she ended up using it with her second! Read her story… I wanted to share my experience with BabyPlus. I used BabyPlus with my 1st pregnancy. I was a skeptic and my husband even laughed at me. However, my daughter is […] Read more »

BabyPlus – a simple explanation

BabyPlus – a simple explanation Your baby will hear the heartbeat sound patterns of the patented BabyPlus curriculum, and from a very early “age” (18 weeks gestation is the recommended time to start) your baby learns to discriminate between the sound coming from her mother and those from BabyPlus. She compares and contrasts the information she receives (faster, slower, louder, softer). This process builds baby’s memory for greater capacity and function throughout life. This early advantage means she will be able to absorb and appreciate far […] Read more »

Tips for a Successful Autumn Pregnancy

Marked by leaves changing colors, bountiful harvests and a refreshing feeling in the air, fall is a season filled with transitions. What better time to embark on the miracle of pregnancy? If you’re already pregnant or might be pregnant, here are some important tips to share with you! Dress in layers. You never know what fall will bring, so you can never be overprepared. This way, if it rains, snows, sleets or is 90 degrees, you will be ready for […] Read more »

Parents Love BabyPlus

Over the years we have received many compliments and comments about BabyPlus and the lasting effects it has on children all over the world. We are so pleased to receive these testimonies and want to share another one with you… “My child is now four, and I consistently hear from her preschool teachers, who are very experienced – her PK3 teacher last year has taught for 35 years and has a master’s degree – that she is unique even among […] Read more »

One Dozen Delightful Pregnancy Sites

One Dozen Delightful Pregnancy Sites by babyplusmom101 Did you just learn you are pregnant? My sincere congratulations to you on the most spectacular adventure in time!  I have compiled a list of personal recommendations for websites to research and explore for tips and trends! http://www.babyplus.com/  BabyPlus is an educational tool, and the first step in your child’s lifelong cognitive development.  Discover all about prenatal development benefits and what BabyPlus learning can do. www.thebump.com  I recommend the Birth Month Club. www.zulilly.com  Keep your little one decked […] Read more »

Bubble Fun and BabyPlus

Bubble Fun and BabyPlus by babyplusmom101 Can there be anything simpler, yet more fun than playing with good old-fashioned bubbles alongside your baby?  I think not.  My BabyPlus Baby can say the word bubbles, and he can look and locate the bubble containers.  Then, he runs around happily while mommy blows the bubbles into the air.  He has not quite mastered using the bubble wand to blow bubbles himself.  He’s a little shy since he has discovered he does not care […] Read more »

BabyPlus is excited to share – new on Facebook – add “Expecting a Baby” to your timeline!

According to a Facebook blog post,  Life Events are easy and expressive ways to mark significant moments in your life such as getting married, buying a house or traveling to new places. If you choose to, you can now share that you are expecting a baby with your friends on Facebook. You’ll also be able to see when your friends are expecting a baby from your Celebrations section on your homepage. How fun this will be???  You and your friends will […] Read more »

BabyPlus for Registry Gift

BabyPlus For Registry Gift by babyplusmom101 When you are planning a baby registry or budgeting for shopping for a new baby, here are a few considerations to keep in mind. There are countless baby gifts and toys that could be used to complete the following phrases: He will color on __________. He will never use __________. He will pee on __________. He will spit up on __________. He will throw __________. He will break __________. He will laugh at __________. He will be […] Read more »

Newly Pregnant?

Are you going to be a mom again…or for the first time? Either way, congratulations! What an exciting time for you. We often see mothers who get overwhelmed by all that comes with having a baby. One thing we do know is that time after time, our BabyPlus moms rave about how amazing their experiences using BabyPlus are. What do our moms say about BabyPlus? They say: More readily nurse Display an increased ability to self-soothe Are more interactive & responsive Are […] Read more »

Fun on Facebook!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit us on Facebook lately, you’re missing out! We’ve updated our page with fun and exciting new changes. We’re trying to make it easier for our BabyPlus fans to view all of their social media on one site. This means that we’ve added a bunch of new features to make your social life even easier. Check out some of our newest updates including: A Pinterest tab with some of our favorite boards. Pin and repin […] Read more »

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