Safety During Summer Pregnancies

With temperatures hitting all time record highs, it is important now more than ever to stay safe if you are pregnant. For one, I can’t even imaging being pregnant in this weather. Kuddos to you expecting moms! Here are a few helpful tips for keeping you and baby safe this summer: Drink water…and lots of it. Use sunscreen with a miniumum SPF of 15. Stay in the shade when you can. If you’re taking a dip in the community pool […] Read more »

Top Ten Toddler-Friendly Car Trip Supplies

Top 10 Toddler-Friendly Car Trip Supplies by babyplusmom101 Thanks to occasions including a family reunion, a college reunion, and summer family vacation, I have traveled many miles by car with my toddler this summer.  Here are some products that I personally I love, and each of them is helpful while traveling.           10.  Mediak Kids Personalized Music CDs. – Toddlers and even older siblings love to hear their own name in these catchy tunes.   9.  Munchkin […] Read more »

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy, more than any other time, is when many women are most aware of their bodies and health. Healthy habits during pregnancy not only lead to healthier babies, but also reduce risks and complications during pregnancy and delivery. The following tips will help expectant moms maintain or improve their health during pregnancy and after. However, before making too many changes in her routine, a mother should make an appointment with her doctor to begin tracking her health and baby’s progress. […] Read more »

Where In The World Can I Buy BabyPlus?

We sell BabyPlus all over the world! Visit our International Retailers page at for a listing of authorized distributors.  Also, feel free to contact Customer Service at with any questions. Related posts: BabyPlus in Australia, China, Hong Kong–all over the world! Unauthorized BabyPlus distributor: Service-and-Sales BabyPlus Is Sold All Over The World! Read more »

Check out BabyPlus on Pinterest!

Did you know that BabyPlus is on Pinterest? We have a lot of great boards!  BabyPlus Around The World features links to our international distributors.  BabyPlus Videos features many of our BabyPlus families.  Our boards are growing, so follow us!   Related posts: BabyPlus is on Pinterest! BabyPlus — A Hit In Singapore! BabyPlus in Australia, China, Hong Kong–all over the world! Read more »

What is that thumping noise?

This is fun- we asked a question on our Facebook page and loved the answers……. We want to know: Where is the most random place you have used BabyPlus? Moe’s Southwestern Grill     Disney World –  Buzz Lightyear ride! And walking around Fantasy Land       On a flight from Rome to JFK, and on the 12 day cruise to Italy and Greece     Up the elevator on my way in to work…people couldn’t figure where the thumping […] Read more »

It’s Summertime!


The past few weeks’ temperatures have been quite uncomfortable, even for warm weather fans.  I can only imagine what it must be like for those moms-to-be whose body temperatures are above normal! It is important for everyone to stay hydrated and not overexert themselves during the dangerous heat, but there are extra precautions to take during pregnancy.  You may read Surviving the Summer Heat in Pregnancy on the Pregnancy and Childbirth website.  It’s a great article that shows you how to avoid […] Read more »

Good news from BabyPlus – no more fussy babies!

Fussy babies may be less likely to shake off their “fussiness” as they age, according to a study in the April 20th issue of Archives of Disease in Childhood. “Excessive crying, sleeping or feeding problems are found in approximately 20% of infants and may predict behavioural problems in childhood.” (Source: Archives of Disease in Childhood) The good news is that the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System has been shown to have the following benefits:  babies who self-soothe, babies who are good sleepers, and  babies who nurse […] Read more »

Right around the corner…

Who doesn’t love all the greasy goodness that the state fair provides? From fried Snickers to chocolate covered bacon, it can be every pregnant woman’s dream. After all, you’re eating for two and all that food can be so delicious. However, there are some foods that you definitely want to watch out for: Here are more frightening nutritional figures, from the Calorie King web site, about fat and calories in food at the fair or festival: Fried Snickers (5 oz.): […] Read more »