BabyPlus Makes A Great Gift For Dads-to-Be!


June 17 is not too far off and it isn’t too early to think about any dads-to-be you know.  Fathers naturally want to do what they can for their new little ones, and prenatal learning is a great way to contribute his or her cognitive development. BabyPlus is a simple set of sounds based off your heartbeat and is relevent to your baby’s environment during pregnancy.  The sounds vary in speed and pitch throughout a set of 16 different “lessons”used from […] Read more »

Who Else Wants a Calm Baby?

How can I have a calm baby? Having a calm baby is important to expectant parents.  Whether this is a first pregnancy for first time parents or not, many parents are looking ahead and wondering – will my baby be calm? Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during your pregnancy will provide many tangible benefits to your baby, and to you!  For example, many parents who have used BabyPlus during their pregnancy report that their abies are calm, alert, self-soothe and sleep well. Make BabyPlus part of your prenatal […] Read more »

BabyPlus is THE only sound for your developing baby!


BabyPlus is an educational curriculum in the “language” a developing baby can truly understand – the mother’s heartbeat sound. Music and the spoken word are fine but too complex for fetal hearing.  After birth these are wonderful tools for baby’s continued language development, but, prenatally, BabyPlus is the only scientifically researched sound used to increase cognitive development. Use of BabyPlus during pregnancy to give your baby the gift of a lifetime of learning! Related posts: BabyPlus is a gift to your developing baby BabyPlus – information about […] Read more »

In-utero Summer Camp/Tutoring?


It is that time of year when school gets out for the summer, and parents everywhere are organizing and planning summer camps, tutoring and outings!  With a check here, and an on-line credit card camp application there, costs for summertime activities for children really do add up quickly.  A week of learning in the woods in a run-down cabin can run between $200-$300 dollars weekly.  Summer tutoring to help boost math scores can also set parents back as they pay […] Read more »

Chinese consumers


Recently, I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal that discussed China’s changing consumer culture.  The author mentions brands like Starbucks, Prada and Porsche have made deep inroads in China.  In fact, China is quickly becoming the world’s largest consumer of luxury goods.  Luxury items are said to be desired more as status investments than for their inherent beauty or craftsmanship. The Chinese culture is known for being practical.  Chinese consumers tend to choose products that address a […] Read more »

BabyPlus is on Pinterest!

Did you know that BabyPlus is on Pinterest? We have a lot of great boards!  BabyPlus Around The World features links to our international distributors.  BabyPlus Videos features many of our BabyPlus families.  Our boards are growing, so follow us! Related posts: BabyPlus — A Hit In Singapore! BabyPlus in Australia, China, Hong Kong–all over the world! BabyPlus- Expanding Our Family Read more »

Pregnancy Awareness Month and BabyPlus

Pregnancy Awareness Month and BabyPlus  by babyplusmom101 Did you know May is Pregnancy Awareness Month?  The perfect retail product that provides features and benefits for pregnancy is BabyPlus.  BabyPlus is safe, scientifically validated, and the benefits are remarkable.  In order to give a baby every advantage, pregnant mothers care for their health by eating right, taking prenatal vitamins, avoiding alcohol, etc.  BabyPlus begins educating a child as early as possible – with an age-appropriate curriculum.  To learn more, please explore the […] Read more »

Debate: Cloth vs. Disposable


If you recall, last week we did a blog post on breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. This week’s debate is cloth vs. disposable, which one suits you best? Pros of reusable: Significantly cheaper Creates less trash Diaper material is flexible, so sizes small to medium will get you through your child’s first year, and well into his or her second Children learn to use the toilet about three months sooner, according to Kelly Wells, author of “Changing Diapers: A Hip Mom’s Guide To […] Read more »

How to Wear It


If you’re not familiar with BabyPlus, take a few minutes to watch this video and get to know more about us and our wonderful product. As you can see, BabyPlus has life long benefits for something that takes just a small amount of time per day. We still get questions from many mothers asking how they can fit using BabyPlus in with their busy schedules. Well, we’ve asked some of our current BabyPlus moms and these are some of the creative times and […] Read more »

What to Expect When You’re Expecting!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting!  by babyplusmom101 I cannot wait to have a Mom’s Night Out and go see What to Expect When You’re Expecting!  The movie starts in theaters this Friday.  Surely moms everywhere will find the movie is filled with things they can relate to, not to mention many laughs.  It would be so neat if Cameron Diaz wears a BabyPlus in the movie.  BabyPlus and prenatal education is something all moms should know about.  Based on personal experience using BabyPlus, I can say […] Read more »

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