Talk about a cluster of BabyPlus babies!

We had the pleasure of having lunch in our office today with a wonderful BabyPlus mom of four BabyPlus babies, ranging in ages from 1 year to 10 years of age. She was featured in the Indianapolis Star newspaper recently for a feature article about Indianapolis moms who have used or are using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. She shared with us that her babies were very relaxed at the the hospital – almost too relaxed!  One of her babies wouldn’t cry.  […] Read more »

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift

Want the perfect Valentine’s gift for your someone special? Look no further than BabyPlus. BabyPlus will show the special lady in your life that you care and want the best for her and your baby. Here’s just a few of the benefits to BabyPlus: More readily nurse Display an increased ability to self-soothe Are more interactive & responsive Are more relaxed & alert at birth Earlier developmental milestones Enhanced intellectual abilities Longer attention spans Improved school readiness Greater creativity & independence […] Read more »

How Safe Is BabyPlus?


We are aware of some of those rumors that fly around about the noise level of BabyPlus. The truth is, BabyPlus is completely safe! There is no question that this is an entirely new field of education, but prenatal stimulation has been around for thousands of years. BabyPlus simply represents the evolution of enrichment in the womb to a technique that has incredible advantages for the child. We believe that, someday, the use of BabyPlus will be as much a part of being […] Read more »

Wow – this is a BabyPlus twelve year old playing the piano!

We received this email from his mom: “Another update with my 12 year old BabyPlus boy.. He is continuing to grow and making progress and achievements. He has been happy and content from the day one and apart from few preteen moments, he remains happy and content. He works hard and very good with time management to keep up with his school work, piano, choir and boy scout work to earn merit badges. Of course, he has to miss few […] Read more »