More Babies Born in Summer…Hmmm

Is it just me, or does it seem that when summer rolls around everyone is having babies? Nope, it’s not just me, it’s a fact. Almost four million babies are born in the United States each year, and interestingly, a higher number of them are born during warm weather. According to the Centers For Disease Control, more babies arrive in the summer than any other season, and July, August, and September are the most common months. With so many babies […] Read more »

Winter Babies

We often get questions from parents about delivering during the winter. If you are due in the next month or two, it looks like you have a winter baby on your hands. You will just want to help you prepare: Use your BabyPlus system. Forget what lesson you’re on? Visit to download your lesson plan. Pack your labor bag. Remember to pack important items such as a coat, blankets, extra long-sleeve onsies, hats and socks. Goodies for mommy. Dads, help your mommies out by packing […] Read more »

Surviving Winter Pregnancy Part 1

It’s January, there’s no where to go, you’re stuck inside and it’s cold. The good news is your expecting and that little bundle of joy is what helps you see the bright light at the end of the cold wintery tunnel. Pregnancy during the winter can have it’s own challenges. We’re here to give you a few suvival tips to get through your winter pregnancy: Stay Safe: Sorry, no sledding for you this year. Make sure you wear a sturdy pair […] Read more »

Surviving Winter Pregnancy Part 2

It’s still January which means we are barely half way to spring. You are a number of months into your pregnancy and ready to get out of the house and start enjoying nice weather again. In our last segment, we gave you three tips on surviving the long winter months while pregnant. We’re back to give you a few more: Exercise: This may sound like the last thing you want to do, but a long walk (be careful if it’s snowing or […] Read more »

BabyPlus and Binary Wasteland

We are back from CES 2012, and we were very excited to see that BabyPlus created quite a bit of excitement there! We spoke to many, many (many!) people about the benefits of this patented prenatal education system.  Parents to be want a baby who sleeps well, eats well and reaches pediatric milestones well.  BabyPlus parents consistently tell us that their babies show these characteristics and more! We have been blogged about on a tech website called Binary Wasteland.  Click on […] Read more »

31 Dads at CES 2012

We had at least 31 BabyPlus Dads stop by our booth at the International CES show in Las Vegas last week.  Here are some of the things we heard from these very enthusiastic men who came to seek us out to tell us: “My wife wore this, and our child’s IQ is off the charts…” “My wife and I used BabyPlus, thank you!” “My 16 year old plays 5 instruments, and we don’t have any other musicians in the family!” “BabyPlus […] Read more »

Another wonderful BabyPlus family testimonial!

“Her name is Giovanna and she is 4 years old.  She was potty trained before she was two and has taken off ever since.  We taught her sign language, which she quickly picked up on and she is reading three and four letter words now from books.  She began going to “school” at about 16 weeks old and since she was two has been in classes of kids one to two years older than her.  She is already doing many […] Read more »

Facebook Testimonial

Each day we receive amazing testimonails from loving BabyPlus parents on our Facebook page. It is so wonderful to hear how these little lives are making it in this big world. Here’s just one example from a BabyPlus mom: BabyPlus is AMAZING! Our daughter Aubrey is so bright and such a fast learner. By one she was saying her name, breakfast, puzzle, all sorts of words. She is 17 months now and can count to 10, can say a,b,c,d,e.. She knows […] Read more »