Can you spot the BabyPlus baby?

BabyPlus parents consistently report that their babies are great sleepers. So, can you spot the BabyPlus baby                               Related posts: Can you spot the BabyPlus baby? Can You Spot the BabyPlus Baby? BabyPlus for Penelope Cruz? Read more »

Labor Day

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. While we are excited to be celebrating our nation’s annual Labor Day holiday, we also want to know about your own personal “Labor Day”. At BabyPlus, we think it is extremely important to […] Read more »

A better sleeping baby

Email from a mom who knows first-hand that BabyPlus makes a better sleeping baby: “I just wanted to thank you so much for BabyPlus.  I think it made a huge difference in how my daughter sleeps compared to my other 2 daughters. She is such a mellow, easy going, and happy baby! I always recommend BabyPlus now to friends and have passed it along to my cousin who is due in September.  I wish I would have known about BabyPlus before.  Thanks again for a great […] Read more »

“Back to School Baby Blues”

My BabyPlus Baby and I have both had to make an adjustment within the past week.  As a mom, I sent my older two kids off to elementary, including my baby girl to kindergarten.  We were sad to see summer end, but my older two have been eager to return to a routine, friends, and school fun.  My BabyPlus Baby has been thrown for a loop.  At nearly one year old, I refer to my BabyPlus Baby as a dream baby with his good nature and […] Read more »

Another wonderful BabyPlus experience!


“I read about the BabyPlus in a magazine at my doctor’s office.  I was incredibly skeptical but decided to do some research online.  I was surprised to find so many amazing reviews of the product.  For me, the proof was that all of these parents had such similar experience with their newborns and growing children.  I decided to invest the money to purchase the BabyPlus and I was so pleased with the results.  When my daughter was born, the nurses […] Read more »

Autumn Pregnancy

You’ve made it through the summer. Long gone are 90 degree temperatures. We welcome the fall season with open arms, especially for those who are pregnant. Here are just a few reasons why autumn is a great time to be pregnant: Weather: Enjoy the crisp, fresh evenings and take that walk! Take note of the color of the trees and the neighbor’s fall decorations! When you get home, maybe you can warm up a cup of apple cider (pasteurized, of […] Read more »

Fair Food and Pregnancy

Who doesn’t love all the greasy goodness that the state fair provides? From fried Snickers to chocolate covered bacon, it can be every pregnant woman’s dream. After all, you’re eating for two and all that food can be so delicious. However, there are some foods that you definitely want to watch out for: Here are more frightening nutritional figures, from the Calorie King web site, about fat and calories in food at the fair or festival: Fried Snickers (5 oz.): 444 calories […] Read more »


Have you heard of The Book of Awesome?  This is a great little book naming little things in life that are actually awesome. For example – # 187 is “that moment just before you fall asleep when you now you are going to fall asleep” and # 192 “a la moding anything” One awesome thing you can do while you are pregnant is to use the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System.  Using BabyPlus during your pregnancy will give your child a jump start on learning.  BabyPlus provides […] Read more »

BabyPlus on eBay


Consumer Alert – Unauthorized Resellers Service-and-Salesand mmmoz51 on eBay are not authorized to sell the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. Purchase of BabyPlus products from an unauthorized reseller, including eBay, may exclude you from BabyPlus Warranty, service, or support. Please protect yourself and purchase from authorized resellers only. We encourage consumers to call our toll-free 800 number or email our company to inquire if a seller is authorized by our company to sell BabyPlus. Please call 1-800-330-6944 on Monday – Thursday between […] Read more »

Baby Boom Due to Hurricanes

I used to live in Florida, so I’m used to hearing about (and dealing with) hurricanes. They come and go every year, sometimes leaving a path of distruction behind. In other cases, they leave a bundle of joy behind! Yep, that’s right. Hurricanes can actually be accountable for the 25% spike in birth rates after a severe storm. With Tropical Storm Emily hovering around the Carribean looking to make her way to the States, could another baby boom be in our future? If so, […] Read more »

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