January Jones Expecting 1st Baby

January Jones, Hollywood sweetheart and Mad Men star, has recently announced she is pregnant with her first child. The 33 year old actress is due this fall! BabyPlus was so excited to hear about this latest pregnancy news. We are sure that she will want to know the number of benefits using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System can provide. Since January Jones is a busy working mommy-to-be, she will be happy to learn about all of the wonderful benefits that BabyPlus parents all over […] Read more »

What do you want to see on our blogs next?


BabyPlus wants to know what interests you the most so we can blog about it. You are important to us and we want to make sure we are bringing you the topics you most want to hear about. So, it’s your turn to tell us what you think. Do you want to learn more about how BabyPlus works? Want to know what the first few months of pregnancy are like? Curious about what other BabyPlus parents have to say? Share your ideas […] Read more »

Tori Spelling and Ali Landry

Tori Spelling and Ali Landry recently showed off their “baby bumps” in white dresses.  I am wondering if they also talked about using BabyPlus… We know of many Hollywood moms who have used the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System.  In fact, BabyPlus and prenatal education have become very well known in certain Hollywood circles. Find out why expectant moms from Hollywood to Main Street, USA are using BabyPlus! Related posts: Ali Landry Ali Larter – Heroes BabyPlus now available at CVS.com! Read more »

we have a winner!

We are EXCITED to announce the winner of our first EVER BabyPlus blogging contest. Congratulations to Sue Kloetzer who won a $200.00 gift card to Target. We want to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who entered our contest.  We love hearing your stories and seeing your pictures. Keep an eye out for future BabyPlus contests!   Related posts: BabyPlus Contest! Congratulations to @joyababy — Winner of a BabyPlus! Blogging contest! Read more »

Help! My BabyPlus Stopped Working!


Using BabyPlus during pregnancy is such a wonderful lifelong gift to your little one.  The simple set of sounds strengthens cognitive development during the important time of fetal development.  The BabyPlus system is a very reliable product.  However, a problem can occasionally occur, and it is usually a battery issue. There are several things you may want to try.  First, be sure you have a fresh set of alkaline batteries.  As you probably know, the BabyPlus requires fresh batteries every 7-10 days to operate at optimum […] Read more »

model Niki Taylor is pregnant with Baby # 4!

We are excited for Niki Taylor and her husband Burney Lamar who announced they are eagerly anticipating the birth of Niki’s fourth child. In fact, yesterday Niki herself “tweeted” the news along with a picture of her sonogram. Here is the first “tweet”: “Guess what’s in this photo?”  Here is the second “tweet”: “Wooohooo!! YES!!  We r expecting our 4th child!!  So happy & blessed!! Niki Taylor already has a BabyPlus baby – she used the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during her pregnancy with […] Read more »

Lets do the baby “bop-bop!” (Blog Contest Entry)

It all started with my cousin Mike, who gave us BabyPlus as a baby present. It didn’t take any persuasion for us to begin using BabyPlus! Beginning at 18 weeks, I wore my “baby bopping belt” each day. It was our way of talking with our little angel before she arrived. Our little girl blessed our lives on March 31, 2008 and things have been wonderful since. While we were in the hospital the nurses couldn’t believe how content she was. […] Read more »

Parents love BabyPlus!

As I have said many times, one of the best benefits of working for The BabyPlus Company are the wonderful emails we constantly receive from parents who have use the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during pregnancy to give their babies a lifetime of benefits. I want to share some of the recent comments we have received on our blog: “I am a believer! My daughter, who will be two in June, is my first BabyPlus baby. And my son, who will be born in June, […] Read more »

BabyPlus – a simple explantaion

Your baby will hear the heartbeat sound patterns, and from a very early “age” (18 weeks gestation is the recommended time to start) she learns to discriminate between the sound coming from her mother and those from BabyPlus. She compares and contrasts the information she receives (faster, slower, louder, softer). This process builds baby’s memory for greater capacity and function throughout life. This early advantage means she will be able to absorb and appreciate far more of her environment and sets her […] Read more »

The Office star Jenna Fischer is expecting her first baby!

We are thrilled to learn that Jenna Fischer and her husband Lee Kirk are expecting a baby!  We are confident they will want to know the tangible benefits of using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk are busy working parents, so they will be happy with the benefits that BabyPlus parents all over the world describe: BabyPlus babies nurse more readily, have an increased ability to self-soothe, are more interactive and responsive, and are more relaxed and alert at birth. […] Read more »

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