A cute story from a BabyPlus mom!


We love to hear from BabyPlus parents.  Here’s a cute story from Renee S about her BabyPlus daughter: “My daughter has been great with her milestones…on time or early (she’s about to turn 2).  She seems to be on track with how her dad and I were as babies, so I don’t know how much I can attribute to BabyPlus, but what made it worth it for me was that early in the pregnancy (I think it was around 18 weeks) we were using the […] Read more »

A Background of BabyPlus

Did you know that there have been studies done through the past few decades indicating that a calming effect does occur pre-natally? Additionally there are other benefits to this prenatal communication as well, including increased intelligence. The idea of learning before birth is not a new concept. Around 500 BC, Confucius suggested that the fetal environment can determine behavior after birth. Dr. Logan was one of the first prenatal researchers to propose a simple, yet targeted, prenatal-stimulation technique based on […] Read more »

Baby Sign Language


My sister recently signed up my twin nephews for Kindergarten (which did not seem possible!)  It seems like just yesterday they were little guys who barely spoke a word.  I saw a mom at the store using baby sign language and asked my sister what made her decide to teach the boys. She said they decided to try it after hearing some friends talk about it making things easier during that period before they learn to communicate with words.  They […] Read more »

Spring Activities for Pregnant Women

Are you sick of being stuck inside your house? Does the winter feel like it’s never going to end? Good news…spring is just around the corner! After not seeing daylight for nearly 4 cold and dreary months, we wanted to give you some fun activities you can do at any state in your pregnancy. Go on a date. You and your partner deserve a fun day (or evening) out. Pick a date where you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors such […] Read more »

Promoting prenatal learning all over the world!

We love receiving emails and phone calls from our international customers. Since the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is based on the sounds of the mother’s heartbeat, our system is truly a universal language. As our lives become more global, isn’t it comforting to know that one simple sound – the sound of a mother’s heartbeat – can bring people together from every corner of the globe? Related posts: BabyPlus — The Universal Prenatal Lanaguage What is Prenatal Learning Receive the latest news about prenatal learning! Read more »

Another glowing BabyPlus review!

By far BabyPlus is the best thing we bought before we had our baby.  WE have noticed so many positive benefits from this product it is AMAZING!  Our daughter, who will turn 3 in a few days, has met all of her milestones much earlier than normal and has an association for items and things that is just beyond amazing!  All of our friends are now using BabyPlus as well, because they see the benefits first hand by observing our daughter.  It […] Read more »

repetition helps the brain


This is a bit “science-y” but worth noting…. “People are more likely to remember specific information such as faces or words if the pattern of activity in their brain is similar each time they study that information, according to new research from a University of Texas at Austin psychologist and his colleagues.” Source: ScienceDaily (Sept. 12, 2010) What does this mean, exactly?  Basically, this article indicates that repeated study improves memory. This is why the repetitions of the BabyPlus curriculum – mother’s heartbeat sounds – will help […] Read more »

An Enriched Mind

More and more, the scientific community is coming to agreement on the importance of nriching the mind during cognitive development.  This is also be referred to as prenatal learning. Current studies indicate that what happens in the fetal environment is impactful for a lifetime.  Pregnant women all over the world know that the risks of negative behaviors can be horribly impactful, unfortunately, for the lifetime of the child. Obviously – or at least we think it is obvious! – anything positive that […] Read more »

Prenatal Learning

Why is everyone talking about the prenatal period and prenatal learning? The answer is simple, really, because every day scientists are confirming what is intuitive to many soon-to-be parents – the fact that your developing baby can hear what is happening uring the stages of fetal and cognitive development. That is why the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is so important to a lifetime of learning for your child! Stop and think about the fact that what happens in the 9 months of pregnancy will impact […] Read more »

BabyPlus and multiples


Many mothers-to-be of multiples ask about the use of BabyPlus.  I can definitely say they have been very pleased with the results.  Parents have seen the same benefits (better sleeping, nursing, self soothing, school readiness, etc.) as the parents of single babies.    Please visit our website www.babyplus.com  to read some of these parent testimonials. According to Dr. Logan, the primary theorist behind BabyPlus, had this response to a mother pregnant with triplets: Among the 110,000 BabyPlus children born to date, we have had […] Read more »

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