BabyPlus Moms are Creative, too!

Click on the picture below to read this BabyPlus mom’s blog.  You may also visit the blog at  She has a creative solution for an additional comfort pouch.  We love our BabyPlus parents! Related posts: About the Comfort Pouch BabyPlus and Hot Moms Club Moms love BabyPlus! Read more »

Niki Taylor and her BabyPlus baby Ciel

We love hearing Niki Taylor comment about her baby girl Ciel (who is about to turn 2) because Ciel is a BabyPlus baby. Recently Niki Taylor made the following comments to Celebrity Baby Scoop: “Baby Ciel is amazing!” “About a year ago we retired her stroller.” “The moment she could walk, she did, and would have nothing to do with the stroller.” “She also loves to run and sprint.” Niki also revealed that she would “love to have another baby” We are confident, […] Read more »

Pregnancy Must-Haves

BabyPlus is compiling a list of must-have items for pregnant women. We’re happy to share a few with you, and if you have any for us please comment on our Facebook Fan Page. Here’s our list: BabyPlus – Of course we had to make this #1. Learn about all the benefits on our website. Snacks – You never know when you’ll need one. Belly Bands – These allow you to wear your pants longer and they’re really comfortable. Tums – Heartburn, need […] Read more »

We have established our Foundation!

We have established our Foundation for early intervention! Building Blocks Foundation, Inc. is a not-for profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Our mission is to foster the further creation and development of prenatal and early childhood auditory enrichment.  We will increase awareness and accessibility of these earliest learning tools to mothers and children worldwide. The Foundation will provide resources for research to explore the impact of utilization of these earliest learning tools with regard to long-term intellectual development and school readiness. Visit our foundation’s website […] Read more »

Alyssa Milano is pregnant!

Alyssa Milano is expecting her first child! Alyssa Milano and her husband, talent agent Dave Bugliari, have confirmed that they are anticipating the birth of their first child this fall.  Alyssa took to Twitter yesterday to express her happiness.  We are happy for Alyssa and Dave, too. Once they share the news with loved ones and friends, they are sure to read articles on prenatal learning and development.  Most expectant parents want to know everything they can about the critical period in prenatal […] Read more »

Positive impacts during pregnancy


I receive Google alerts to keep up with pregnancy and pregnancy issues that are going on in the world.  I received two today, both talking about negative influences during pregnancy.  It seems more negative impacts on pregnancy are talked about than positive. There are a lot of positive things you can do during pregnancy, such as exercise, proper sleep, good nutrition and using BabyPlus for prenatal learning. BabyPlus not only encourages strong cognitive development during such important stages of fetal development, it gives […] Read more »

I’m the Cutest!

We have had so many sets of BabyPlus twins born recently, and I just had to share this testimonial email from the momma of these cute BabyPlus babies: “I wanted to thank you again for BabyPlus! I really think it has helped our twin boys a lot. I honestly think that it helped keep them stay in my belly as long as possible. I made it to 35 weeks 3 days, and they didn’t go to the NICU, they were alert as ever when born, […] Read more »

Dad’s Role During Pregnancy

Sunday, February 20, 2011 by BabyPlus- Guest Blog The other day I came across a question from a soon-to-be BabyPlus dad. He was wondering “How can I help my wife during pregnancy?” This is s good question and we love to see dads who want to help! Here a few things you can do as a dad: During Pregnancy: Attend prenatal appointments with her Attend childbirth classes Do chores around the house without being asked Surprise her with her favorite movie, dinner or flowers […] Read more »

Dads love BabyPlus, too!

We received a direct outreach via Twitter from a proud BabyPlus dad: “BabyPlus babies rule!!” We agree! Click on the picture of BabyPlus to find out what makes this Dad and so many other parents all over the world rave about our prenatal product… Follow BabyPlus on Twitter today! Related posts: BabyPlus on Twitter Congratulations to @joyababy — Winner of a BabyPlus! Follow Us @BabyPlusUSA on Twitter Read more »

Why Did YOU Use BabyPlus?

BabyPlus parents have many reasons for using BabyPlus during pregnancy.  Some of the benefits they have seen include: 1.    Bonding between you and your baby 2.    Nurse more readily 3.    Increased ability to self soothe 4.    More relaxed and alert at birth 5.    More adaptable 6.    More interactive and responsive 7.    Improved school readiness 8.    Longer attention spans 9.    Earlier developmental milestones 10.  Foundation for a lifetime of learning Why did you use BabyPlus and what benefits have you seen?  Let us know! Related posts: Top 10 […] Read more »

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