Reminder: Post Your Holiday Pics

Have some fun new holiday pictures to post on Facebook? We want to see them.  Are you new to the BabyPlus family this year and want to show off your little one? We want you to share! The holidays are a time for fun, family, memories, food, gifts…you get the idea. Well, we want you to share your best holiday stories and photos with us at BabyPlus. This way we can all stay connected well into the New Year. What are […] Read more »

David Schwimmer needs BabyPlus!

David Schwimmer and his wife Zoe Buckman are expecting their first child together. Once they share the news with loved ones and friends, they are sure to read articles on prenatal development.  Most expectant parents want to know everything they can about the critical period in prenatal development.  Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during pregnancy promotes learning in the womb. David and Zoe lead busy lives, so they will likely be interested to know the benefits of using BabyPlus.  Parents report that BabyPlus babies […] Read more »

The Best Christmas Foods for Baby

With the Christmas just around the corner, expecting mothers sometimes worry about what they should and should not be eating because it can affect infant development. We’re here to tell you all about the best foods for pregnancy! We know that it’s tempting to dive right into all the bad stuff, but you can have your pie (pumpkin preferably) and eat it too! Here’s a list of foods that you can be sure will not have a negative affect during […] Read more »

To whom it may concern,


We wanted to write to you in praise of your product.  I don’t recall ever writing such a letter before, but your product has met all of your claims and exceeded our expectations!! We used BabyPlus with our 1st child, and it delivered on all of your claims. She could self-sooth and was incredibly attentive right from birth. Most importantly, she began to sleep for long periods (like, thru the night) at a very young age!! Having such a wonderfully behaved 1st child, […] Read more »

Thank you BabyPlus…..

Thank you BabyPlus for making us such wonderful believers and happy parents! WE are blessed everyday by our beautiful daughter. Wishing you all a wonderful happy holiday! Related posts: Another happy BabyPlus mom! BabyPlus — Looking Back at 2008 $20 Off BabyPlus All Month Long Read more »

We want to hear from you

Our Facebook Fan Page is a place where BabyPlus parents and those that are just “checking us out” are free to share their comments, opinions, thoughts and stories. We want you to be a part of it! This month we’ve been asking some fun questions such as: 1. What traditions are you passing on to your BabyPlus babies? 2. What is the one food on your naughty list that you give in to every year? 3. What is your favorite holiday food? […] Read more »

Message from Santa to an Expectant Mom

Santa has a message for all pregnant moms…..   The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System should be on the very top of your wish list! Related posts: Following a BabyPlus Mom-To-Be in Arizona What a great idea for those expectant families in the military! Q&A With a First Time Mom Read more »

********Fake BabyPlus Alert********

We have been made aware of FAKE BabyPlus Systems being sold in China.  These products are in a bright green box – see picture at left. This is a Consumer Alert as we do not sell any BabyPlus in bright green boxes.  There is over 30 years of scientific research behind the true BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. We have one authorized distributor of BabyPlus in China – Beautiful Happy Baby Consulting.  The contact information for Beautiful Happy Baby Consulting is:  Also, click on the picture of the Chinese […] Read more »

Take extra care during winter months when you are pregnant!


It’s been an interesting winter so far.  Honestly, I’m ready for spring!  There are many precautions to take this time of year but more so if you are pregnant. To name just a few… 1.  Make sure you walk carefully on slippery surfaces because your center of gravity is off- balance as you grow. 2.  Stay hydrated!  Dry, warm air can definitely contribute to dry skin and your overall hydration. 3.  Wash your hands more because it is the season […] Read more »

BabyPlus – A Family Tradition


Holiday traditions are an important aspect for so many families.  We get new pajamas every year.  We also watch A Christmas Story while we eat Chinese food and watch Elf and eat spaghetti.  The boys make sure every year it’s on the calendar and look forward to spending time together as a family.  I think the simple things are most remembered. I receive emails daily from families taking advantage of the simplicity of prenatal learning for second and even third […] Read more »

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