A Collection Of Favorite Stories

BabyPlus is an amazing product. From the time I first learned about it, 3 years ago, to now, I never get tired of hearing people’s stories about how well it works. It’s such a pleasure to hear all the positive feedback from people using this prenatal care curriculum. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite quotes from families using the system: Our little “T T Moore,” as she likes to call herself, just turned […] Read more »

Born learning – Already!

All parents know that learning actually begins before your child goes to school.  Learning really begins in the womb.  Everyone knows that baby development after birth is important.  However, the research now confirms that the critical period in prenatal development – especially early cognitive development – is impacted week by week in pregnancy.  Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System – a simple set of sounds similar to the mother’s heartbeat – helps during the stages of prenatal development. Don’t wait to […] Read more »

Christina Applegate is having a baby!


We are thrilled to learn that Christina Applegate is expecting a baby!  We are confident she will want to know the tangible benefits of using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. Christina Applegate is a busy working mom-to-be, so she will be happy with the benefits that BabyPlus parents all over the world describe: BabyPlus babies nurse more readily, have an increased ability to self-soothe, are more interactive and responsive, and are more relaxed and alert at birth. BabyPlus is a curriculum that is a series of […] Read more »

BabyPlus Static Problems? Try these suggestions!


Using BabyPlus during pregnancy is such a wonderful lifelong gift to your little one.  The simple set of sounds strengthens cognitive development during such an important time during fetal development.  The BabyPlus system is a very reliable product.  However, a problem can occasionally occur, and it is usually a battery issue. There are several things you may want to try.  First, be sure you have a fresh set of alkaline batteries.  As you probably know, the BabyPlus requires fresh batteries every 7-10 days to […] Read more »

Ali Larter – Heroes


Congratulations to expectant mom Ali Larter!  Ali Larter and her husband Hayes MacArthur are expecting their first child. Once they share the news with loved ones and friends, they are sure begin researching everything pregnancy.  They will read articles on prenatal development and realize that the prenatal environment is crucial to baby’s development with a lifetime impact.  Most expectant parents want to know everything they can about the critical period in prenatal development.  Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during pregnancy promotes learning in the […] Read more »

more about Lexie Ostrand – before she saved her father’s life…


Lexie Ostrand’s father is convinced that BabyPlus made a big difference in his daughter’s life.  This is what he shared: “Lexie was very alert when she was born.  The doctor commented that she was alert and bright and almost seemed to be looking around and observing everything.  By the time she was a little over 3, she was ready to begin school.  We took her to shadow at a K-12 school. On the day she shadowed, she didn’t want to come home.  She […] Read more »

speaking of twins….


We had visitors last week!  Two adorable BabyPlus babies – they are 11 months old already! As I have mentioned before – there are so many amazing benefit of working at BabyPlus US HQ – including the office visits we get from “our” babies. They were both so calm and sweet.  Sister was walking – just started!  Brother was not feeling well, yet he was so calm and NOT FUSSY!  We passed them around so we would all get a chance to […] Read more »

even more from the UK!

BabyPlus is a universal product because of the heartbeat sounds – the language babies all over the world can understand! Here is another testimonial from a “mum” in England: “I used this product when I was pregnant in 1998 (of course, I have no idea how much it may have changed during the years but I guess the principle is the same!) There is no doubt in my mind that this really does stimulate the unborn child. My son is now 10 years […] Read more »

“I don’t think buying this is about trying to make your baby a genius but if you are interested in giving your baby a bit of a headstart, surely it’s worth a go….”


These are the words of a UK BabyPlus “mum” “I was recommended BabyPlus by a friend who used it during her two pregnancies and raved about it. To be perfectly honest I was skeptical but after reading up on it decided that it couldn’t do any harm so thought that I had nothing to lose. I began using it at 18 weeks of pregnancy as the manufacturer recommends for an hour in the morning (I set the alarm an hour earlier to put […] Read more »

what will my baby hear?


The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is a series of 16 lessons based on the mother’s heartbeat sounds.  Use of BabyPlus during the prenatal period will help your baby’s cognitive development. You can hear the sounds of BabyPlus by clicking the picture to listen to the prenatal education curriculum. The BabyPlus sonic pattern introduces your child to a sequential learning process, built upon the natural rhythms of their own environment – the maternal blood pulse – which your baby is hearing all day every day. Your baby can very clearly […] Read more »

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