there is no “Mozart Effect”

“Pregnant women everywhere can pull the headset away from their bellies….” begins the article titled “Mozart Effect: A Popular Myth Debunked and Explained” written by Katie Drummond on the site  Her information comes from an article titled “Mozart’s Music Does Not Make You Smarter, Study Finds” from the May 10, 2010 online article at ScienceDaily. The article at ScienceDaily refers to three University of Vienna researchers who present new findings in the US journal Intelligence suggesting no evidence for […] Read more »

Update from a BabyPlus mom in Arizona

Our mom in Arizona has been using BabyPlus for several weeks.  She is enjoying her pregnancy and is excited to share her experiences with us. Do you find that your little one reacts if you are running late for a lesson? I haven’t noticed this specifically, but sometimes my session times are a bit erratic, I must admit!  I think I’m keeping the little guy on his toes.   He definitely gets his two lessons a day – some days earlier […] Read more »

The BabyPlus Calendar

You just found out you’re pregnant and are overwhelmed with everything you need to do to prepare. You have friends that have used BabyPlus in the past and are ready to jump in and start using it, but aren’t sure when to start. No need to feel in over your head at this point. Start preparing for baby in other ways, such as getting the staples: furniture, clothes, bottles, bibs, bedding, etc. Ideally, you can begin using BabyPlus anytime between 18 and […] Read more »

It’s Hot! Hot! Hot!

I will be the first to admit that I do not enjoy hot weather, especially when I was pregnant!  And with the heat index reaching 100 lately, prenatal learning during pregnancy and BabyPlus is not the first thing on my mind at the moment! It is extremely important that you take extra care during pregnancy in the heat and humidity of the summer.  There are a lot of articles online regarding caring for yourself during hot weather, but here are a few […] Read more »

Born ready to learn!

All parents know that learning actually begins before your child goes to school.  Learning really begins in the womb.  Everyone knows that baby development after birth is important.  However, the research now confirms that the critical period in prenatal development – especially early cognitive development – is impacted week by week during pregnancy.  Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System – a simple set of sounds similar to the mother’s heartbeat – helps during the stages of prenatal development. Every parent should make the choices […] Read more »

purchasing information

We often receive emails and phone calls with questions regarding purchasing the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System. The BabyPlus Prenatal Education system is a series of 16 lessons based on the mother’s heartbeat sounds.  Use of BabyPlus during the prenatal period will help your baby’s cognitive development. BabyPlus products are available at  You can also hear the sounds of BabyPlus by clicking the link to listen to the prenatal education curriculum. The BabyPlus® Prenatal Education System has been purchased by expectant parents in over 50 countries. Please […] Read more »

Week 20 for BabyPlus User

I reached out to our BabyPlus mom in Arizona to check how she is doing. How do you work your BabyPlus lessons into your busy day? When I’m working from home, I typically wear my BabyPlus during my first morning conference call.  On those days I’m traveling, I put on my BabyPlus as I’m getting ready in the morning.  Sometimes, I even wear it in the car on my way to work.  In the evenings, I wear the BabyPlus when I’m catching up on […] Read more »

BabyPlus’ past webinars are online!

The BabyPlus Company takes pride in keeping up to date on pregnancy news!  And, what can be more up to date than prenatal learning and enrichment? BabyPlus is not only focused on strengthening the important stages of fetal development through a simple set of sounds but also how to make pregnancy fun while being informative. Did you miss any of BabyPlus’ past webinars?  If you did, our Webinar Archive is posted on our website at You can download our webinars on nutrition during […] Read more »

BabyPlus static? Try these suggestions!

Using BabyPlus during pregnancy is such a wonderful lifelong gift to your little one.  The simple set of sounds strengthens cognitive development during such an important time during fetal development.  The BabyPlus system is a very reliable product.  However, a problem can occasionally occur, and it is usually a battery issue. There are several things you may want to try.  First, be sure you have a fresh set of alkaline batteries.  As you probably know, the BabyPlus requires fresh batteries every 7-10 days to operate at […] Read more »

Infant Sleeping Schedule


Prenatal sleep states remain undisturbed by BabyPlus stimulation. Expectant mothers and fathers have asked how their baby will sleep once born.  We understand that the idea of baby stimulation could lead to that question.  BabyPlus babies have wonderful sleep patterns; plus, they have an increased ability to self-sooth. The sound level to the baby is strictly controlled for both pitch and volume.  Dr. Brent Logan spent 25 years studying the normal environment of the developing baby, and BabyPlus is carefully designed to present sounds for the prenatal […] Read more »

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