How do the Heartbeat Sounds Benefit Your Baby?

Very simply, your baby hears both BabyPlus and your heartbeat and begins to know the difference between the two heartbeat sounds – learning has begun! Of all the stimulation your unborn baby receives in the uterus, the only sound he or she can clearly understand is the YOUR heartbeat. By providing your baby with the BabyPlus sounds, which closely mimic the maternal heartbeat, your baby’s brain learns one of the most basic skills of all – discrimination – before she/he is even born. Click on our “Buy Now” logo to go directly […] Read more »

Just in time for Father’s Day–Free shipping on BabyPlus at! – See more at:

June 20 is not too far off and isn’t too early to think about any dads-to-be you know.  Fathers naturally want to do what they can for their new little ones, and prenatal learning is a great way to contribute his or her cognitive development. BabyPlus is a simple set of sounds based off your heartbeat and is relevent to your baby’s environment during pregnancy.  The sounds vary in speed and pitch throughout a set of 16 different “lessons”used from the 18th week […] Read more »

Doesn’t it make sense?

Attitudes are shifting!  Common sense about the prenatal environment is here! Everyone understands the negatives of the prenatal environment on fetal development.  We know that when a woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy, she risks giving birth to a child who will pay the price — in mental and physical deficiencies — for his or her entire life.  Fetal alcohol syndrome will impact a baby physically and developmentally forever. What about the positives? Doesn’t it make sense that if the negatives can […] Read more »

How To Use BabyPlus

I receive many of the same questions in BabyPlus Customer Service.  A common question is regarding the Usage Chart and how many days to use each lesson. To determine how many days to use each of the 16 lesson is to take the number of weeks remaining in your pregnancy (based on a 40 week pregnancy) and multiply by 7 to get the total days remaining. Then divide that total by 16 (number of lessons). The result is the number of days that […] Read more »

Celebrity Moms Use BabyPlus, You Should Too

Trista Sutter, Gwen Stefani, Shannon Miller, Alison Sweeney…what do all these moms have in common? They are all BabyPlus moms! With all the benefits that BabyPlus has to offer, we can see why these moms wanted to get a head start on fetal development. What benefits can BabyPlus provide you? Parents report that BabyPlus babies: Are more relaxed. Have longer attention spans. Eat better. Learn to self-soothe. Have enhanced intellectual abilities. If  you or a loved one is pregnant, this […] Read more »

How about a round of applause?

Earlier this week Kiwi Magazine’s Blog noted a university based study citing the benefits of hand-clapping in little ones.  The study found that kiddies in lower elementary who participated in hand-clapping songs, during recess or music class had neater hand writing and even improved writing and spelling skills throughout the day.  Children who engage in hand-clapping songs actually show an increase in motor and cognitive skills.  The correlation is understandable when we think about the first rhythm ever enjoyed by […] Read more »

American Idol alum Chris Daughtry and his wife Deanna are expecting twins via a surrogate mother! – See more at:

“Deanna and I are overjoyed about this double blessing,” Daughtry, 30, said in a statement on his Web site. “Thank you for your expressions of love and support and for respecting for our privacy during this special time.” We are sure that Chris and Deanna will want to learn everything they can about the critical period in the fetal development of their babies.  In fact, they will most likely want to purchase the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System for the surrogate mom who is […] Read more »


How great to open this email and see the following testimonial from a BabyPlus mom of two sweet children: “I had to write and update you on our family. We used BabyPlus with each of our children. Our daughter is now almost 5 and our son is 21 months. Since the day they were born, each of my kids has caught the attention of Doctors, Nurses, friends and even strangers. Both reached developmental milestones WAY before the “norm”. ¯     My daughter lifted, turned, held and […] Read more »

A Wonderful Tool During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is such an important time.  So much is going on and you can influence a lot through nutrition, exercise and prenatal learning. Prenatal learning is becoming more mainstream and can positively influence your baby’s cognitive development during the time of very important fetal growth.  The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is the perfect tool for your baby’s prenatal journey which will influence him or her intellectually, developmentally, creatively and emotionally from the time they are born. BabyPlus consists of a series of 16 […] Read more »

John Travolta and Kelly Preston – expecting a baby!

Congratulations to expectant mom Kelly Preston!   Once they share the news with loved ones and friends, they are sure to research articles on prenatal development.  Most expectant mothers want to know everything they can about the critical period in prenatal development.  Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during pregnancy promotes learning in the womb. Being busy working parents, John Travolta and Kelly Preston will likely be interested to know the benefits of using BabyPlus.  Parents report that BabyPlus babies more readily nurse, have an […] Read more »

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