Simple is Best!

Is there that much of a difference between playing music and using BabyPlus?  Absolutely! While appropriate for infants and young children, music is too complex for a developing baby.  BabyPlus simplifies the complexity of music and breaks it down to a “language” your baby can understand–a single beat.  By introducing BabyPlus, a similar beat relative to his or her environment, learning begins during the most important stages of fetal development and cognitive development is strengthened for a lifetime! There is no doubt that after […] Read more »

the prenatal – 3 environment

At BabyPlus, we are forging the path toward a new focus of prenatal care and practice.  Conscientious expectant parents today well understand the impact of the earliest environment on a child’s long-term development. Practitioners, caregivers, educators, scientists and parents alike have all grown quite mindful that taking a prenatal vitamin is really just one of many practices that will benefit a child in the years ahead. Everyone speaks of the importance of the 0-3 years on early development, but we’re here […] Read more »

Shannon Miller article at Working Mother site

An article about our “spokesmom” Shannon Miller is on the Working Mother online site.  In the story by Irene Kwon, Shannon talks about balancing her active life with a new baby and a busy career.  Click on the Working Mother logo to read the article! Shannon’s career is focused on health and wellness for women and children.  She is hard at work with several new business ventures – everything from her recently established foundation (with the mission to prevent childhood […] Read more »

Free Shipping on BabyPlus at!

Times are tough and having a little one is not always cheap.  Doing what’s best for your baby before and after he or she is born doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, BabyPlus is a great investment in your child’s future, which starts before your baby is even born and is still in the prenatal environment.  Using a prenatal curriculum during the stages of fetal development is investing in your baby’s future and giving him or her a wonderful foundation for learning in […] Read more »

Matt Damon

Congratulations to  Matt Damon and his wife Luciana who are expecting again! Once they share the news with loved ones and friends, they are sure to read articles on prenatal development.  Most expectant parents want to know everything they can about the critical period in prenatal development.  Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System during pregnancy promotes learning in the womb. Matt and Luciana already have children, so they will likely be interested to know the benefits of using BabyPlus.  Parents report that BabyPlus babies more readily […] Read more »

Why should I use BabyPlus?


Using BabyPlus provides so many benefits to your unborn baby just by using a safe, simple set of sounds that resembles your heartbeat.   What are some of the best reasons to use BabyPlus? BabyPlus Top 10 1.    Bonding between you and your baby 2.    Nurse more readily 3.    Increased ability to self soothe 4.    More relaxed and alert at birth 5.    More adaptable 6.    More interactive and responsive 7.    Improved school readiness 8.    Longer attention spans 9.    Earlier developmental milestones 10.  Foundation for […] Read more »

Health and fitness during pregnancy

Clearly, a mom’s health and fitness are an important part of the stages of development of a prenatal child. One idea is to try “The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout” by Gabrielle Reece.  The 2 DVD set includes 12 fifteen minutes ‘Express Workouts.’  These workouts are broken down to three workouts for each trimester of the prenatal period, plus another 3 months of post-pregnancy routines. Staying healthy and fit during this critical period in prenatal development benefits BOTH mom and baby!  […] Read more »

Another wonderful BabyPlus baby!

Many parents have seen the wonderful benefits of using BabyPlus during the most critical stages of fetal development.  It’s amazing that something as easy as listening to a simple set of sounds during pregnancy can build a strong foundation for a lifetime.  A mom wrote to me yesterday about the great  benefits, which have convinced her to use it a second time with her third baby! “I didn’t find BabyPlus until my second pregnancy.  I actually called your company the month after […] Read more »

Influencing the Future

The topic of the day is “Earth Day“.  It is everywhere–in the paper, on the news and everywhere else you look this week.  Everyone wants to do their best to leave a positive environmental footprint for our children and generations to come. It makes sense to look forward and envision how your actions today impact the future, especially your children’s future.  You can influence your child’s future in many ways even before he or she is born.  You take prenatal […] Read more »

How to Use BabyPlus

I receive many of the same questions in BabyPlus Customer Service.  A common question is regarding the Usage Chart and how many days to use each lesson. To determine how many days to use each of the 16 lesson is to take the number of weeks remaining in your pregnancy (based on a 40 week pregnancy) and multiply by 7 to get the total days remaining. Then divide that total by 16 (number of lessons). The result is the number of days that you […] Read more »

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