Cabin Fever Solved With A Little Creativity!

Some days I wonder if we will ever see green grass and the sun again!  I know my boys are definitely feeling cabin fever and geting a little restless staying inside so much.  Coming up with new things to do can be difficult when you are in the same surroundings day in and day out. My sister had a terrific idea with my twin nephews–they went to the beach!  She got out the beach towels and sunglasses and blew up […] Read more »

BabyPlus on Twitter

I am sure you have heard of it before, but are still wondering what is Twitter really?  Twitter is a micro blogging site where you can follow other moms, dads and baby bloggers to get the information you want without sorting through hundreds of websites.  Twitter is a great tool to use when you want to get information fast.  You can follow certain people and see what they are talking about in a 140 character micro blog. You can find us @BabyPlus on Twitter and […] Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Use BabyPlus

BabyPlus Top 10 1.    Bonding between you and your baby 2.    Nurse more readily 3.    Increased ability to self soothe 4.    More relaxed and alert at birth 5.    More adaptable 6.    More interactive and responsive 7.    Improved school readiness 8.    Longer attention spans 9.    Earlier developmental milestones 10.  Foundation for a lifetime of learning Related posts: BabyPlus Top Ten BabyPlus Parents Report. BabyPlus – don’t you want to know what everyone is talking about? Read more »

Is Having a Smart Baby Important?

Well, this seems to be a hot topic for debate on blogs all over the Internet.  Everyone has an opinion… From the perspective of the BabyPlus Company, however, this is more about developing your child for a lifetime of learning. We understand the concept of pushing kids too hard; we do not support that idea.  Rather, we support the idea of making sure your baby has all the developmental tools available to him or her during your pregnancy. The prenatal […] Read more »

Go for the Gold, Baby!

I absolutely love the Proctor and Gamble commercials being shown during the Olympics thanking moms for everything they have done.  I think all moms deserve a little extra thanks now and then, too! These families sacrifice a tremendous amount of time and money in hopes that their child will obtain Olympic gold.  There is a lot of dedication and hard work on both parts from a very young age–maybe even prenatally with eating right, exercising and taking care of mom […] Read more »


Baby – It’s Cold Outside! Once you have completed your pregnancy and your 16 lessons of BabyPlus Prenatal curriculum, you will have a little bundle of joy to take care of – and dress! The temps are very frigid here at the home office of BabyPlus US.  We have seen so much snow – plus blowing and drifting! No matter where you are in the world, it is important to make sure your new baby is adequately bundled for the […] Read more »

Winter Safety Tips – Part 3 – outdoor activities

Winter Safety Tips – Part 3 (These valuable tips on how to keep your child safe and warm this winter were provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.) Winter Sports and Activities: Ice Skating: Allow children to skate only on approved surfaces. Check for signs posted by local police or recreation departments, or call your local police department to find out which areas have been approved. Advise your child to: skate in the same direction as the crowd; avoid darting across the […] Read more »

Winter Safety Tips – Part 2

Winter Safety Tips – Part 2 (These valuable tips on how to keep your child safe and warm this winter were provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.) Winter Health: If your child suffers from winter nosebleeds, try using a cold air humidifier in the child’s room at night. Saline nose drops may help keep tissues moist. If bleeding is severe or recurrent, consult your pediatrician. Many pediatricians feel that bathing two or three times a week is enough for an infant’s […] Read more »

Winter Safety Tips – Part 1

Winter Safety Tips – Part 1 (These valuable tips on how to keep your child safe and warm this winter were provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.) Whether winter brings severe storms, a light dusting or just cold temps, the American Academy of Pediatrics has some valuable tips on how to keep your child safe and warm. What to Wear: Dress infants and children warmly for outdoor activities. Several thin layers will keep them dry and warm. Clothing for children should consist […] Read more »

What is BabyPlus and prenatal learning?

Pregnancy is a very important time.  So much is going on and you can influence a lot through nutrition, exercise and prenatal learning. Prenatal learning is becoming more mainstream and can positively influence your baby’s cognitive development during the time of very important fetal growth.  The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is the perfect tool for your baby’s prenatal journey which will influence him or her intellectually, developmentally, creatively and emotionally from the time they are born. BabyPlus consists of a […] Read more »

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