New Year’s Resolution – learn more about the benefits of prenatal education

Happy New Year from the BabyPlus Company! A new year can bring changes…. One thing that never changes, though, is the idea of a parent doing what is best for their child. Using the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System while pregnant will give your baby the greatest start to life.  Our patented prenatal curriculum is designed to strengthen your child’s learning capabilities with naturally derived audio lessons.  For your child, the developmental benefits of BabyPlus last a lifetime. Resolve to learn […] Read more »

Double Blessings

This past week our friends finally had their twin girls!  After 38 weeks (what I am sure seemed like much longer for the mom to be), they welcomed Halie Kathleen and Addison Hope into the world at 12:39 and 12:40 on December 19.  The girls weighed 5lbs 12oz and 5lbs 6oz and are such a precious gift around the holiday season. Twins are definitely a double blessing in this world we live in.  December 19th was one of those days in […] Read more »

follow-up email from the baby’s father

Then, we received a follow-up email from the baby’s father: In his own words: “He is doing very well with everything we’re teaching him.  He can read several hundred words in both English and German.  He likes pointing to words that he knows both in the books that are familiar to him as well as texts, pieces of paper etc. that he’s never seen before. He also likes putting his little plastic toy animals on the appropriate word cards.  It’s […] Read more »

Great email from a BabyPlus Grandma!

As I have mentioned, we love hearing from BabyPlus parents.  Occasionally we hear from a BabyPlus grandparent – we love those, too! In her own words: “Here’s another BabyPlus baby.  In one photo, 8 month old he is focusing on a book about Japan.  It looks really interesting! He is 20 months old in another photo with his violin.  He is learning basic Suzuki-type rhythms.  He is the son of a violinist and a  German opera singer.  His first word was “Geiger” […] Read more »

Mom of Three BabyPlus Babies

We love to hear wonderful testimonies from our BabyPlus parents.  I opened my email this morning to find the below comment from a mom of three BabyPlus children. “Alexander was my first born, and he was such a wonderful baby, such a good eater and sleeper.  Now 5 years old, he still amazes me.  Nicolas and Olivia are my set of twins, they are 8 months old and are exactly the same as Alexander!  I attribute their great behavior to […] Read more »

Shannon Miller shares more about baby Rocco

We love hearing from Shannon Miller. Her little baby Rocco is displaying the characteristics of a BabyPlus baby!  He is sleeping well, has a great attention span, is hitting his milestones early…just the very specific and tangible results we have come to observe in the 150,000+ BabyPlus babies all over the world! Here is Shannon’s latest blog: “Rocco had his first smile a few days ago! My heart melted. Poor thing I kept him awake trying to get him to do […] Read more »

The gift of a lifetime!

The holidays are upon us!  Gift giving is easy if you know someone who is pregnant. BabyPlus is the gift of a lifetime.  Reading articles on prenatal development confirms that the critical period in prenatal development  – also known as the stages of fetal development – are crucial to the development of your child, not just during childhood, but throughout life. Check out BabyPlus in this online 2009 Holiday gift guide and give the parents-to-be this amazing opportunity! Related posts: […] Read more »

look at these beautiful BabyPlus babies!

This is the best time of the year for so many, many reasons. Here is one reason… I opened my email this morning to see an email from a BabyPlus momma who used the system with all three of her babies. She keeps in touch regularly, so I know she is seeing the tangible benefits in her children. Plus – she used the system three times, so she obviously sees benefits and knows that learning in the womb, a prenatal care curriculum, […] Read more »

Boy or Girl–As Long As He or She is Healthy!

Boy time is flying by!  It feels like my sister-in-law just announced she was pregnant!  I read on her Facebook page last night she was less than six weeks away from her ultrasound and will find out if she’s having a boy or a girl.  I personally think she is having a girl because her pregnancy is completely different than her pregnancy with my nephew.  Plus, we have five boys on that side and a girl would be a fun change!  […] Read more »