BabyPlus – Sounds – Part 2

So, why not music? In short, all babies are exposed to speech and music, but these pass by them as white noise, absolutely meaningless.  Every unborn child experiences a sonic environment – outside voices, television, radio, CDs – all passing through the abdominal wall (which lowers their volume by about 35 decibels, and muffles these sounds . . . like listening underwater), but most dominant is mother’s blood pulsing constantly past the womb at 95 decibels, loud as a rock […] Read more »

BabyPlus – Sounds – Part 1

Regarding any questions about the sounds of BabyPlus…the tones are natural, and the sound level is safe. This is a question we occasionally receive in Customer Service Department.  With over 30+ years of scientific research behind our system, we know this: The sound level to the baby is strictly controlled for both pitch and volume.  Dr. Brent Logan spent many years studying the normal environment of the developing baby via intrauterine hydrophones, and BabyPlus® is carefully designed to present sounds to […] Read more »


You are expecting a sweet little bundle of joy!  Celebrate, tell everyone the good news, savor the anticipation, and GLOW! Now…………..your next step is to purchase a BabyPlus Prenatal Education System to provide your child the many benefits of prenatal learning. You will be using the mother’s heartbeat sounds during the critical periods of fetal development for a lifetime of benefits for your baby.  With over 30+ years of research behind our system, we know that you will notice the benefits of a baby […] Read more »

BabyPlus — Another Satisfied User

Working in Customer Service, I receive many emails every day in addition to calls.  It’s wonderful to open up an email from a new mom who is already seeing the tangible benefits of using BabyPlus.  It’s exciting to see that her friend is going to use it too based off of what she sees. “Hi Shelly! Thank you many times over for the tips. My beautiful baby boy was born on Feb. 7 and he cried a few times after […] Read more »

Two BabyPlus babies – in two blogs!

This is a blog – about a blog! The blog belongs to ivymama.  Ivymama wore the BabyPlus Prenatal Education system with both of her children, and, in her words, she would do it again – “in a heartbeat.” Her sons had “amazing – not great – amazing” sleep habits and were “incredibly unfussy.” Ivymama saw the tangible benefits of using this patented curriculum of mother’s heartbeat sounds during the critical time of fetal development.  More and more parents are coming to realize […] Read more »

BabyPlus — Pregnancy and Nutrition

I was just asked if I would like a glass of pomegranate juice from a co-worker who brought some in.  I had never had any and wanted to try it.  Oh my!  It reminded me of cranberry juice and tasted wonderful cold!  I think I have found a new favorite! I got online to research if pomegranate juice was very beneficial and I was pleasantly surprised!  Pomegranate juice has almost 50% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C.  […] Read more »

BabyPlus — Investing in the Future!

You can’t turn on the television without hearing about the state of the economy in our country.  It can be quite scary when there are so many viewpoints and issues involved.  Everyone is trying to cut costs and save money and be as economical as they can.   Frivolous spending is definitely out!  Wise spending on a future investment is acceptable. When you look at BabyPlus, if you start using it at 18 weeks, it is only about 50 cents each time […] Read more »

Read about this 9 month old BabyPlus baby!

“I wrote in recently letting you all know how amazing your product is and the wonderful effects its had on my daughter. I’m basically writing in to update you, on the incredible things my little girl is up to. She started walking at about 8 months and is now 9 months old and completely walking independently on her own. She can do about 5 different things without us demonstrating to her what it is she is supposed to do. For example, […] Read more »

Another Friday at BabyPlus!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.   It is a big day for the restaurant industry.  I should know because my husband has been in the business for almost 15 years!  He has always felt bad for not having that day or evening for us but I completely understand he needs to be there on such a busy day.  (Maybe I would feel different if he wasn’t so sweet during the rest of the year.) I compare that to my grandparents who adored […] Read more »

¡Sitio Web de BabyPlus ahora en español!

¡Sitio Web de BabyPlus ahora en español! ¡Lea sobre el Sistema de Educación Prenatal BabyPlus en español! Aprenda sobre como nuestros trabajos de sistema, lea lo que otros padres dicen, miran videos de familias BabyPlus, y mucho más. Chasquido en el logotipo para ir directamente a la versión española de Related posts: No related posts. Read more »

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