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I’m back with my Friday Fun Blog.  It’s been several weeks, I know.  It’s very easy to get distracted and keep telling yourself that you’ll do it later.  I also have that nasty “blog block.”  But I’ve decided to take a few minutes and blog now even if I don’t know where it will lead. Actually, this does lead to a good topic.  How many of us continually put off taking care of something for whatever reason?  I know I […] Read more »

woo-hoo – I have written over 100 blogs

100 Blogs!  I am stunned by that number! I wrote my first blog almost exactly one year ago (“Purchasing the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System”) and I have just topped 100 blogs written!  This makes me think – why do we blog? Well, the first reason is to make sure the most -up-to-date information about prenatal learning, fetal development, learning in the womb, and our use of the mother’s heartbeat sounds is readily available to anyone who uses a computer search […] Read more »

The Womb is the Perfect Classroom – Part Two

The Womb is the Perfect Classroom – Part Two – Widespread Use Over 150,000 parents have used the BabyPlus Prenatal Education system.  BabyPlus has been used by moms in 51 countries throughout the world.  In fact, in a recent survey of BabyPlus moms, 97% would recommend BabyPlus to a friend.  Doctors and moms love BabyPlus.  Elizabeth Moore, MD a pediatrician in the United States used the BabyPlus system during her pregnancy.  Dr. Moore recently reported, “BabyPlus may have been the simplest, […] Read more »

The Womb is the Perfect Classroom – Part One

The Womb is the Perfect Classroom – Part One – How BabyPlus Works Prenatal learning is as vital to a child’s cognitive development as a prenatal vitamin is to enriching a baby’s physical development.  The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is a patented developmentally appropriate curriculum that introduces patterns of sound to the prenatal child in the only language he understands-the maternal heartbeat.  BabyPlus encourages simple, early sound discrimination through a 16-week curriculum.  The expectant mom wears the unit an hour […] Read more »

BabyPlus — What’s In A Name?

As we were winding up the day, a few of the employees here at BabyPlus Company were talking about BabyPlus and different stages we have gone through over the years.  The President of the company, Lisa Jarrett, brought up how someone had told her that the name “BabyPlus” said so much.  We all agreed. It is true.  The first part “Baby” is obvious.  It is used for your baby.  The second part “Plus” can be looked at different ways.  My […] Read more »

“Mocha Manual”

“Mocha Manual is a movement for black moms.  A powerful fusion of the woman you are and the mother you became.  A celebration of your unstoppableness, your resourcefulness, your view of the world, your love of community and everything in between.  Mocha Manual is…all you!” I love this!  This is the very first thing you see when you visit This is a truly beautiful website.  Kimberly Seals-Allers is a writer – both journalism and freelance.  Her first book, The Mocha Manual to […] Read more »

My thoughts on “brain wiring”

The talk these days seems to be about wiring – in the brain.  I have even heard people say that the brain is our “hard-drive.” We know the importance of taking care of ourselves during pregnancy – so the next natural step is to make sure we take care of our developing baby.  This is logical and right. But, how do we make sure we are doing everything possible?  First and foremost, talk to your doctor or health care professional.  […] Read more »

BabyPlus Makes The List!

How exciting! I was scrolling on Amazon and found a list, “Things I Love As A First Time Mom.”  BabyPlus was listed as an item! Related posts: What makes BabyPlus different and better than other prenatal products? – Part 2 BabyPlus — It Just Makes Sense! BabyPlus Making Memories Read more »

BabyPlus Is Sold All Over The World!

Did you know that the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is sold all over the world?  We have authorized distributors in many countries.  Go to BabyPlus website at and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  There you will see a link to our listing of international retailers.  From there, you can choose the country that is closest to you and would save time and money when ordering your system. You want to do what’s best for your unborn baby by […] Read more »

Julie Louly, Director, Retail Sales

Hello.  My name is Julie Louly, and I want to introduce myself as the Retail Sales Director of the BabyPlus Company. There has never been a more exciting time to be a retail partner to BabyPlus.  BabyPlus is not yet another “me, too” product on the market and has filled the prenatal niche that until now has been largely untapped.   This has resulted in incremental business for our many valued retailers. Over 150,000 expectant moms in over 51 countries have […] Read more »

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