First Time Parents

First time parents will appreciate the benefits of The Babyplus Prenatal Learning System. Watch this video to see how it has enhanced the infant development of these babies. Hear what these families have to say about the mother’s heartbeat sounds.Find out what they think about the critical times in child development. Click the link below to watch this video Related posts: Cooper Family First-Time Parents About the Comfort Pouch Read more »

Back to Basics

My son decided to play trombone last year.  I couldn’t believe how wonderful the band sounded at his spring concert!  However, it took a lot to get to that point.  He had to learn one note at a time which then led to scales, which eventually led to an entire song.   When you are learning something new, you must start with the basics and build on that.  That’s similar to what the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System does.  It breaks learning […] Read more »

thoughts from an Occupational Therapist

I heard about BabyPlus in a FitPregnancy Magazine when I was about 6-8 weeks along with our first child and decided to give it a try.  My mother bought it for me (and the baby!) as my birthday gift and I began using it at 18 weeks.  I must say that I am so very pleased with the product!  Our beautiful baby boy is now 10 weeks old and a day never goes by that someone doesn’t comment on how […] Read more »

School teacher comments about BabyPlus

Once again, we have a professional who has used BabyPlus and shared her story… I began using your product when I was 18 weeks pregnant.  I felt the baby move more during and after each session.  She is a very calm and alert baby.  At 7 weeks she could sit through an hour infant program while cooing and kicking her feet and throwing her arms up in the air.  She rolled over at 2 months, tracked and tried to grasp […] Read more »

BabyPlus baby is college-bound!!

I must share these comments from one of the very FIRST BabyPlus babies: Hello! I just want to let you know that my daughter was one of the first babies to experience your product., and she is a living testimonial to the success of your product. Born in 1990, she just graduated high school with an advanced degree and various honors.  She is on her way to the University of Hawaii to study Japanese translation.  The best part of your […] Read more »