Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a stressful time.  There is a lot of preparation and, if it’s your first pregnancy, a lot of unknowns.  Plus, there’s just the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Relaxing and pampering yourself during this time is important since your body is going through many physical and emotional changes.  Not only can using BabyPlus be beneficial to your baby during the stages of fetal development,  but it can also benefit you by giving you a little time […] Read more »

Prenatal – our specialty!

Expectant mothers and pregnancy are our specialty here at BabyPlus!  Having a smart baby is great, but having a great infant sleeping schedule is (at times!) just as important Here at the BabyPlus Company we know the prenatal development facts.  We know the importance of infant development.  We know the womb is NOT a “soundproof booth.”  We know that the mother’s heartbeat sounds are the only sounds a developing baby truly recognizes. The ideas of prenatal care and a prenatal […] Read more »

Excited to be part of a great team!

I have recently been welcomed to the team at BabyPlus and have had the opportunity to learn so much about the benefits of infant stimulation that I had no idea about when I was pregnant with my two sons.  There is so much fascinating information available to new mothers that makes it such an exciting time to be pregnant!  I have had the opportunity in such a short time to hear the exciting feedback from happy parents all over the world as well […] Read more »

Twins, Triplets and BabyPlus

We have often been asked by women researching expectant mothers and pregnancy whether the BabyPlus Education Prenatal System will assist in the cognitive development of twins and triplets.  The answer to this is “yes”.  We have had many mothers of twins and triplets use BabyPlus.  They have all been pleased with the results and have seen the same benefits  (enhanced infant sleeping schedule, proficiency in breast feeding, self soothing ability and improved school readiness) as the mothers of single babies. […] Read more »


We enjoyed the last few days at the national (ACOG) show. ACOG stands for American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Overall, the BabyPlus product was very well received, and there was a lot of interest from many of the physicians regarding BabyPlus and critical times in child development. We met many pregnant physicians.  We are happy to give them a free BabyPlus system, knowing that they would be convinced of the benefits after using BabyPlus. The overall belief there seemed to […] Read more »

Mom in Hong Kong using BabyPlus for the 2nd time!

I received a Warranty Card from a customer in Hong Kong who is using the BabyPlus for the second time.  She realized that the stages of fetal development are, in fact, critical times in child development. She commented: “I have been happy with BabyPlus.  I used it during my pregnancy with baby #1.  He was a calm and very alert baby.  As a toddler, he is easy going, very talkative, and bright.  His favorite past time is cars, which he […] Read more »