Preparing for Baby

Preparing for baby is always a lot of fun…often called nesting! WHEN SHOPPING FOR BABY, YOU’LL FIND AN OVERWHELMING SELECTION OF PRODUCTS. It seems that there is an article of clothing or gadget to meet your every whim. So, how do you distinguish between “essentials” and “desirables?” How about shopping for both Mom and Baby at the same time? After all, pregnancy is supposed to not only be a really enjoyable experience, but a wonderful opportunity for bonding to begin, […] Read more »

The Essential Organizer

Expectant mothers and pregnancy are a little different today than they were years ago. You lay the foundation for a healthy baby well before your child is born, and it’s never too early to start planning.  Good prenatal care and solid organization are  essential during the different stages of pregnancy. The next few months will be filled with wonder and joy, adjustments and changes, and they will also bring plenty of details and decisions to manage. We recognize that at […] Read more »

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care is becoming such a big concept now for mothers. The concept of prenatal care is not only targeted for mom, through such things like taking a prenatal vitamin, but now the concept of prenatal care is also for the prenatal child to aid with fetal development. It’s not about having a smart baby. It’s about doing the right thing during critical times in Child Development. Moms can take a prenatal vitamin to help strengthen the physical development of their […] Read more »

BabyPlus – not a new idea!

BabyPlus – not a new idea – the Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years! We have often been asked whether the BabyPlus curriculum is a new invention.  The research behind BabyPlus was actually done over twenty years ago.  However, the concept of prenatal learning is quite old.  It has its roots in ancient Chinese culture. The Chinese did not know the scientific reasons why what they called “Taikyo” helped their infants’ brain development.  But they did think that this […] Read more »

Learning in The Womb

I have recently come across a couple of articles relating to playing music to a child prenatally, and how it benefits the child from a developmental standpoint. The fact is that it is probably a very enjoyable experience, but one that is probably more beneficial postnatally from any type of actual stimulation. Prenatally, music is just a little too complex to serve as a curriculum for learning, and the spoken word is muffled. We know that the one language that […] Read more »

Guardian Angel

I am the Director of Development at the BabyPlus Company and working here is so much fun. I meet the most amazing parents and babies. The other day I was sent to New York to interview and video a BabyPlus family. Mom used the BabyPlus Prenatal Education System for all 3 of her children. At first they were skeptical about the benefits of infant stimulation. Their week by week pregnancy was filled with hope and anticipation about the benefits of […] Read more »

The womb is not a “sound proof booth.”

Infant Sleeping Schedule Prenatal sleep states remain undisturbed by BabyPlus stimulation. Expectant mothers and fathers have asked how their baby will sleep once born.  We understand that the idea of baby stimulation could lead to that question.  BabyPlus babies have wonderful sleep patterns; plus, they have an increased ability to self-sooth. The sound level to the baby is strictly controlled for both pitch and volume.  Dr. Brent Logan spent 25 years studying the normal environment of the developing baby, and […] Read more »

“Your product is great.”

Another follow up – this is a 2 1/2 year old. (these are the original comments) “Your product is great. We have a 21 month old. I used Baby Plus for several months morning and night. Our son came out so alert and ready to take on the world. He nursed well too.  He is ahead of his classmates in some areas and some people think he is 3 years old. Last night we were sitting in his room and […] Read more »

Baby Updates!

We occasionally are able to follow a BabyPlus baby’s progress into early childhood. Here is one story… (these are the original comments) “Where do I begin? My daughter is now 20 months old. We used Baby Plus during the pregnancy and saw amazing results from the day Lainey was born.  Lainey lifted and turned her head when she was less than a day old. She nursed un-prompted at the first opportunity. She crawled at 6 months, walked at 10.  Her […] Read more »

First Time parents

For all of you first time parents out there, you are naturally trying to give your baby the best head start possible. The first pregnancy within a family is a wonderful gift. The fact is that we do more today because we know more. I know that I grew up in a generation where we were not even buckled up, let a lone were put into a car seat. We know that there is evidence of learning in the womb […] Read more »

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