Top Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Coming up with ideas for your own baby shower registry or looking for a sweet, but practical, gift for a new parent-to-be in your life? Look no further than the list below! We’ve compiled ideas for gifts that will be appreciated and welcomed before and after that little one arrives. Books Adorable baby clothes and tiny baby shoes will warm your heart and are wonderful gifts. However, those sweet baby clothes are often outgrown quicker than anyone believes. Books are […] Read more »

Twinsight- Interesting Facts About Twin Pregnancies

We recently had a pair of adorable fraternal twins born near and dear to the BabyPlus family.  They are not my babies, but it sparked an interest about the uniqueness of twins.  So I dd a little research and compiled some things that I found interesting about twin pregnancies.  There is a little more to it than double the pleasure, double the fun. •during twin pregnancies you should take in approximately 2700 calories a day •you may be prescribed additional […] Read more »

Shannon Miller on Her Decision to Use BabyPlus

We find that all the advertising in the world does not have nearly the impact that hearing from BabyPlus parents has to make a believer in the value of BabyPlus. Hearing parents beam about their baby’s good sleep habits or attentiveness makes many parents envious of a content child or a full night of sleep. I reached out this summer to Olympic Gymnast Shannon Miller, two years after the birth of her daughter Sterling, to tell us about why she […] Read more »

4th of July Fun

I decided the veer off from the style of blogs I have written for the last 4 weeks and show you some fun ideas for celebrating our nation’s independence.  I am linking you to our Pinterest page to see the fun ideas I have pinned for July 4th.  It includes everything from food to fashion and arts and crafts to home décor. Whatever you choose to do with the holiday, have fun and be safe! From The Baby Plus […] Read more »

What Dangers are Lurking in Your Nursery?

As I begin thinking about this topic, the first thing that comes to mind is how dangerous can baby products really be for babies?  The answer is very dangerous indeed if left within reach or not treated with care.    When I began this research I found that if I looked deep enough almost anything can be categorized as a danger.   I wanted to focus on dangers that you may not see as a risk. The first hidden risk that I […] Read more »

Sleep Safety

It is been all through the news lately about the dangers of letting infants sleep outside of their cribs.  We all know that a sleeping baby is a priceless gem, but there are some risks that we may not all be aware of. The Safe to Sleep Public Education Campaign has for more than 20 years educated parents and caregivers on the risks of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death.  They advise babies be put to bed on […] Read more »

Button Batteries- So small, yet so dangerous!

Button batteries seem to be increasing in popularity these days.  They power watches for years at a time and can make your greeting card sing. They are small, but mighty and are a blessing when I need to binge watch House or Criminal Minds.   And they are not just for those of us addicted to Apple TV or Roku.  They can power life saving devices like pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators and hearing aids. With all the good that they can do “cute as […] Read more »

More Than a Teaspoon of Water- Beware!

water safety

An old adage states that you can drown in as little as a teaspoon of water.  Some don’t believe this is possible.  My research states that it is.  Their are more than a few types of drowning.  The most common three are wet, dry and secondary.  Wet drowning  involves being “in” water, taking as little as a teaspoon of water into your lungs without the ability to expel it would be considered dry drowning and secondary drowning according to Web […] Read more »

Friday Blog Series Announced!

I am typically an upbeat, lighthearted person. I am a glass half full kid of gal . I am also a self-proclaimed worrywart.  And realistically, I am also a person who understands that bad things sometimes just happen regardless of how much you plan against them.  As I daily scan social media and the news to stay abreast of local, national and global developments in my field I feel a calling to write about 6, less and pretty topics, that […] Read more »

3 Common Customer Service Issues with Solutions You Can Try

I have spent much of the last month responding to customer service issues and reading online reviews of BabyPlus.  From what I have read I have compiled a list of the top three issues that are brought to us and the easy solutions.   #1 System just stops working after several weeks. When the batteries are no longer strong enough to power BabyPlus a few things may happen. It will stop working altogether. It is not broken, just drained. The […] Read more »

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