Lesson #7

Last week, I finished lesson #7 of BabyPlus and am already flying through lesson #8. It’s amazing to see how much bigger I’m getting each week. A few things I’ve noticed while using BabyPlus over the last few weeks: It just gets more soothing with each use. In fact, it almost puts me to sleep each time. My baby girl loves it! Besides walking and consuming cold foods or beverages, this is something that gets her excited and on the […] Read more »

Early Learning for Your Baby Begins at the Fetal Development Phase

During pregnancy, your body begins to change in preparation for bringing a new life into the world. Part of the preparation is laying the brain building blocks for your bundle of joy while the child undergoes fetal development. An article on BrillKids.com expounds on the importance of early brain stimulation to the development of a child: Related posts: Early Child Development Stages: Advantage of Prenatal Aural Stimuli Baby Brain Development – “Early Experiences Matter” The more we know about fetal […] Read more »

Three Important Things to Consider when Playing Music for Baby in Womb

Since mothers want their babies to grow up healthy and smart, they obtain comprehensive prenatal care services for a trouble-free pregnancy. Some also play music for baby in the womb with the hope of promoting their child’s mental development. The Washington Post writer Meeri Kim reports on a research’s findings that babies in utero do recognize the music played by their expectant moms. Related posts: Choose Prenatal Music Wisely: Babies Recognize Them from the Womb Music for Baby in the […] Read more »

Music for Baby in the Womb: Soothing Your Mind and Guiding His Growth

People generally have an ingrained ability to appreciate soothing sounds and good music, a characteristic that usually manifests from early childhood. This isn’t instinct, though; it’s more of an advanced cognitive function that sets humans apart from animals, or from their less-evolved ancestors. For this reason, many people believe that music for a baby in the womb can actually help facilitate learning and foster development. Related posts: Correct Prenatal Care: Does Music for Baby in the Womb Make Sense? Language […] Read more »

Prenatal Music for Your Baby: Taking Full Advantage of its Benefits

You’ve probably also heard about the benefits of allowing your child to listen to prenatal music. You might have even made a mental note of a few places where you can buy a couple of classical music CDs to try out. Related posts: Early Child Development Stages: Advantage of Prenatal Aural Stimuli Choose Prenatal Music Wisely: Babies Recognize Them from the Womb Correct Prenatal Care: Does Music for Baby in the Womb Make Sense? Read more »

Early Child Development Stages: Advantage of Prenatal Aural Stimuli

Exposing your baby to certain sounds while still in the womb could lead to wonderful things after the baby’s birth. Patricia Hughes explains, for More4Kids: Related posts: Revolutionary Child Development Stages Brand Ties Up with Magazine Stages of Development and BabyPlus Shannon Miller knows that BabyPlus is for baby development in stages Read more »

Our Trusted Prenatal Care Product has Expanded Its’ Distribution in the Philippines!

At any given moment, millions of women around the world are pregnant and all of them recognize prenatal care as a factor that gives their child a head start in life. As the makers of BabyPlus—the number one fetal learning system on the market—we understand that expectant moms everywhere want to benefit from our product. That’s why we’re happy to announce that BabyPlus is now more widely available in the Philippines! Related posts: Excellent Prenatal Care Leads to Proper Brain […] Read more »

Sharing Your Pregnancy News

Sharing the news of your pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times! Some people decide to tell right away, while others might want to wait a few weeks. However you decide to do it, let it be unique to you. Need some ideas on how you should share your news? Here’s a few creative ways we’ve seen: Take a photo with you and your partner’s shoes with a pair of baby shoes in between. Promote your pet or […] Read more »

Last Day of Lesson #4

I can’t believe it’s my last day of using lesson #4 and that I’ll be moving onto lesson #5 already! I’m just about 26 weeks now (the picture to the right is from about two weeks ago, so I’ve grown a bit since then) and time is flying by. While I’m nervous about what’s to come, changes in schedule, work/life balance, marriage, etc., I’m also excited about this new life and our precious baby girl. I can’t wait to see […] Read more »

Just Started Lesson #2

As I close in on the half way point in my pregnancy, I started using the second lesson of BabyPlus. I’ve noticed a few things in the past couple of weeks: I really enjoy my relaxation time using BabyPlus. It gives me an hour to put my feet up and bond with my baby girl. The soothing sounds of BabyPlus not only put me to sleep, but the cat seems to enjoy it too! My husband is a drummer and […] Read more »

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